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What’s new on iOS 14.4? New Features

iOS 14.4

Are you a huge Apple fan? I guess you may have the idea that the company has recently released iOS 14.4 update. The new update is primarily focused on fixing some major bugs and adds some new fruitful features. If you have downloaded iOS 14.4 on your iPhone and don’t have any idea about the new iOS 14.4 features, then here we are going to show you the full preview. 

iOS 14.4 Specifications

Damage Hearing Health Alert

The new iOS 14.4 has the new feature to alert you in the case of music level have the possibility to harm your hearing health during the time. It can specify the device for third-party Bluetooth connected audio devices to measure the Headphone Audio Level correctly. 

Improved QR Scanner 

Earlier, iPhones were not able to scan the smaller QR codes with the camera. But now, Apple has added the support for smaller QR codes with every iPhone running iOS 14.4 version.  

Talk To Walk

If you are a fitness freak using Apple Watch running watchOS 7.3 with an Apple Fitness+ subscription, you can use the new “Talk To Walk” function. With this feature, you will be able to hear some of the best fitness stories from music artists, athletes, and other influential people that Apple Watch owners and Apple Fitness+ subscribers. Every Talk To Walk episode will have a 25-40 duration. 

Apple’s Authenticity Camera Alert 

Whether you are using the second-handed iPhone 12 models or just repaired the device from any store, Apple will find out if any non-genuine Apple camera recycled to your device. When you turn the camera on, you will see the new warning message from Apple “unable to be verified as a new, genuine Apple camera.”

HomePod mini Upgrade

If you are using HomePod Mini with the latest updated HomePod 14.4 with iOS 14.4 connected iPhone 12 and iPhone 11, then there are many things improved. Now the new U1 chip will improve the visual, audible, and haptic effects while transferring songs from the ‌iPhone‌ to the ‌HomePod mini‌. It has become faster as well. Once you realize these new changes, also share them with us. 

Bug Fixes

  • The bug with iPhone 12 Pro HDR image artifacts fixed.
  • Fitness widget issue fixed.
  • Typing delay problem fixed.
  • The issue of incorrect language keywords has been fixed.
  • The CarPlay New app problem is fixed when the app is not resuming after being stopped for spoken direction or Siri.
  • When you enable the Switch Control option in Accessibility, it could prevent phone calls from being answered from the Lock Screen.

After installing iOS 14.4 on our iPhone, we have noticed the above feature on our iPhone. Have you installed the new iOS 14.4? Have you seen any hidden features of iOS 14.4? If yes, do share your feedback or any hidden gem of iOS 14.4 through the comment section.

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