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What’s New in iOS 16: Apple Announced New Features for iOS Users

iOS 16 update

This year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) opened today with a number of announcements for iPhones, Macs, watchOS, and tvOS. Apple provided iPhone users a glimpse of what they may anticipate with iOS 16. Let’s check out new features of iOS 16 update.

What’s new in iOS 16?

Lock Screen Redesign: The lock screen has been redesigned

The new lock screen in iOS 16 is a major redesign. According to Apple, it’s the BIGGEST improvement to the lock screen of iPhones.

A new feature named Live Activities is dedicated to the revamped lock screen.

This is the first time that Apple’s clock font style may be customized on the iPhone’s clock. It may be customized to suit the user’s needs. Lock screen widgets will also be available to users.

Users may install widgets for a variety of purposes, such as calendaring or fitness monitoring. Notifications will now be rolled up from the bottom of the screen in iOS 16.

New Changes to iMessages

Users of the iPhone will be able to edit and even unsend their messages in iMessages, which will be available to all users. Additionally, iMessage threads can be marked as unread by users.

New Focus Mode

The lock screen brings new features to Focus Mode as well. Users will be able to select a lock screen based on the Focus mode they are currently in.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

iPhone owners will be able to build a new iCloud shared photo library with members of their family. Members of the Shared Library can be up to five people. 

Safety Check – New Privacy/Safety Feature

It is now possible to restrict access to a user’s location and other information with others using the brand-new Safety Check feature. 

Parental Control to Setup a Device for Kids

Setting up additional devices for children and implementing parental controls will be much simpler with iOS 16.

Refreshed Home App

iOS 16 introduces a major overhaul of the Home app. For more convenience, lights, climate, security, and many more categories are added to the app. The interface and the overall look of the app have also been updated.

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