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What to expect from Apple iPhone 12 in September Event 2021

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September is the favorite month for all the Apple geeks worldwide as the company usually releases the new iPhone in the month. But this year’s iPhone 12 event would exciting as Apple is planning to release its first 5G iPhone instead of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Earlier this year, Apple released its most rumoured new iPhone SE in April, and then they revealed the refreshed version of MacBook, iPad, and iMac models through the online event. As the COVID-19 pandemic is going on, Apple is also planning the online iPhone 12 launch event, which will be delayed this year due to coronavirus. Luckily, we are here to discuss the upcoming Apple products in 2021. 

What will Apple release in September 2021?

Four iPhone Models

For the last two years, Apple has been releasing three iPhone models. But this year, the company plans to add one more model as we can expect four iPhone 12 models this year. There will be two low-end devices and two high-end devices with a hefty rate.

First 5G iPhone

As we said above that Apple is planning to release its first 5G iPhone this year, so we can also expect iPhone 12 with 5G support. According to the famous leakers Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release three iPhone models with 5G supports, but only one premium device will offer the fastest 5G speed.

OLD and New Design 

The iPhone 12 is expected to come with the combined design from the iPhone XS and iPhone 11. The camera design of the iPhone 12 will come with the same like iPhone XS and iPhone 11, but it will have a complete new system. The new iPhone 12 is expected to have flat edges and stainless steel edges.

Only OLED 

Apple did a mistake with iPhone XR and iPhone 11 devices by making the LCD display. But this year’s iPhone 12 models to have the popular OLED display. According to The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, along with the OLED display, Apple will also add a 120Hz refresh rate. That’s the best thing about it, but it could limit only high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max only.

Camera Feature 

Like last year’s iPhone devices, this year’s iPhone 12 models have the dual rear cameras, and the high-end device will have the triple rear sensors. The front camera will be the same on all four models of the iPhone 12. The premium iPhone 12 model will use the LIDAR sensor that can be used to analyze the objects with lasers.

Next-Gen Update

Apple’s next iPhone 12 series uses the n cutting edge A14 Bionic process instead of A13 Bionic. The storage variants of the iPhone 12 could start with the 64GB for the low model and 128GB for the high-end device. The RAM of the device is expected to have 4GB and the higher model to packed 6GB.

Wrapping Up

So these were everything we can expect from Apple from the iPhone 12 event September. What other features do you want to see on the next iPhone 12? If you have anything to share about the next iPhone 12, please drop your comment 

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