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What Is Orange Dot on iOS 14? How To Remove It From iPhone?

Orange Dot on iOS 14

Without any doubt, I must say that Apple’s latest eco-system awe-aspiring as the company added the new home screen customization feature for the first. But one thing people are asking what orange dot at the top of the iPhone is.

Ever since the new iOS 14 rolled and installed by millions of people around the world, many people are also noticing the new orange dot on the top screen of the iPhone. The dot is also changing the colour while using the iPhone running the latest iOS 14 update.

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Even many iOS 14 users are looking for the way to remove the orange dot on iPhone in iOS 14. Therefore, we also researched what the orange dot is and how to remove it.

What Is Orange Dot on my iPhone?

A few years back, when hackers hacked iPhone’s iCloud accounts of popular female celebrities, it was the huge slap to Apple. After that, Apple looked into the matter took some severe steps.

After that, the tech-giant company is sincerely making its iOS system more secure and safe. And now with the latest iOS 14 update, Apple has added one more layer of security to the iOS 14 users.

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If you have installed iOS 14 on your iPhone and then you will see the new orange dot only when your iPhone is using your microphone. With the new orange dot, Apple informs users that their voice is being tracked or accessing that app you are using.

Is there any way to remove the orange dot on iPhone?

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Since there is no specific settings available to turn off orange dot on iOS 14, you can manually revoke the microphone permission for that app. Here are steps to do it:

Step #1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Scroll down a bit and tap on Privacy.

Step #3: Now tap on Microphone option.

Step #4: Here you can see all the apps that can use the Microphone feature. You can turn the toggle off next to the app you can revoke the Microphone function.

Also, the dot color is turning green when the iPhone uses the camera for a video call or any app that needs to access your iPhone’s camera. Hence, you will know how your iPhone’s camera is being used every time with the green dot.

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