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What is mAadhar Application of UIDAI and How to get it in iOS devices?

What is mAadhar Application of UIDAI and How to get it in iOS devices
What is mAadhar Application of UIDAI and How to get it in iOS devices

The Unique Identification Authority of India has established an Aadhaar centric cellular program/application called mAadhaar for Android mobile devices. The mAadhaar program enables you to get all of your Aadhaar details on your own smartphone. The app was launched in order to help users carry their Aadhaar information in form of a soft backup, instead of taking a physical replica all of the time.

The app enables people to store each of Aadhaar details, such as name, date of birth, sex, address, etc. on smartphones, instead of having to keep the physical card all the time. However, Aadhaar’s Supervisory agency UIDAI had launched the mAadhaar app for Android devices, without a counterpart on iOS. Currently, however, UIDAI has announced that the iOS version of this mAadhaar app will soon be arriving soon.

UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey, posted on Twitter, informed that the mAadhaar program for iOS “is going to be out soon”. Once the mAadhaar program becomes available for i-OS users they will not need to transport around their physical Aadhaar cards everywhere.

Notably, there isn’t any information on the specific time-frame for the launch. The information about mAadhaar’s availability was provided on Sunday, within a ‘Ask Adhaar’ session. On Information Privacy day, several users asked questions about the modern security concerns on Aadhaar. Meanwhile, Bhushan Pandey answered saying the Aadhaar database is fully safe and secure.

Meanwhile, in order to use the mAadhaar app, users need to have their phone numbers registered using the UIDAI. After the process is finished, that the Aadhaar card details can be downloaded on the app, that will store data such as the name, date of birth, sex, address and photo digitally on their own mobile phone.

If you still want to aadhar application on iOS then you can try following method. But remember this application is not official app of UIDAI but it will surely help you to make Aadhar profile in mAadhar app. You will also see many user guides related to aadhar card like How to Download Aadhar Card and How to Update aadhar card at SSUP.

My aadhar Appliaction for iOS

Step-1: If you are an iOS user then open iOS app store and search for My Aadhar App or you can click on this link as well – https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/my-aadhaar-services/id1204737225?mt=8
Step-2: Download mAadhar Application from above link
Step-3: Open mAadhar App and create your Aadhar profile
Step-4: Check out all aadhar related guides and services.
That’s it.
My Aadhaar Application for iOS is based on Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It provides centers of scanning Aadhaar Card using its QR Code and can also store or share it. And provides different connection related to Aadhaar related services to its official site.

Important Things you know about mAadhaar program?

• The cell phone that has the registered SIM should really be employed to download the app
• There is no center to put in your OTP, which could be because of security reasons
• You should not browse into other programs while you are waiting to obtain the OTP
• An individual can get, max of 3 profiles on one Mobile Phone
• an individual of the mAadhaar program can share the demographic related information together with the QR code for their providers.
• Users can use Aadhaar program only on a single device

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