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What Is Live Listen In iOS 15?

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iOS 15 Live Listen – What Is It?

With iOS 15, Apple has offered various features for iPhone users, and one of the most amazing ones is “Live Listen.” However, there are many users who don’t know what ‘“Live listen” in iOS 15 is. Live Listen is a feature that turns your iPhone into a microphone and allows you to listen to all sounds in your surroundings effectively. Nevertheless, there is a catch that you must use Airpods or other supported headphones.

How “Live Listen” can be helpful? It is obviously helpful for users with a hearing problem. With Airpods, you can use this feature to aid low hearing problems. In addition, if you are in an airport or any public place where you are unable to hear your friends due to noise, with Live Listen and Airpods, you can deal with this problem.

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Apple’s Motive Behind Live Listen

Apple believes in offering qualitative services to users. Live Listen is designed to hear the sound around us more clearly by using the microphone of our iPhone. Simply, you have to point your iPhone to something or some person; the microphone will send this sound to your Airpods while using Live Listen.

What Headphones Are Compatible with Live Listen iOS 15?

It is obvious that Airpods from Apple must be compatible with this new feature. So, Airpods Max, Airpods, and Aipods Pro, along with Powerbeats Pro, can be used to take advantage of Live Listen.

Besides iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad can also be used as a microphone when using Live Listen. In a nutshell, this is a very handy feature. However, you must have PowerBeats Pro or Airpods to utilize it. It is not a solution for people with a hearing problem, but it can be useful to some extent.

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