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What Is Haptics on iPhone 13?

As human beings, we are sensory beings, which means that we thrive on sensory features and functionalities. Amidst all the important sensory functions, one that stands out in your iPhone 13 is the System Haptics.

System haptics is Apple’s special feature that’s integrated into the iPhone 7 and above models. Enabling this feature allows you to get vibratory feedback when you perform certain actions in your iPhone apps, not just the in-built apps but also the third-party apps.

If you are confused about Haptics on iPhone 13 and want to know more, we have sorted out all the important information in this article.

What is the System Haptics on iPhone 13?

As we just mentioned, the System Haptics in an iPhone 13 is a “vibratory feedback”, which allows you to keep a check on the individual functions you are indulging in.

Let us understand with an example. When you perform a task on your iPhone, let’s say, you change some Settings, with the Haptic sensor, the iPhone will send vibratory feedback that the change has been made.

The Haptic feature or feedback functions with the use of the Taptic Engine. What’s great about the iPhone 13 is that the standard haptic feedback has now been upgraded to Haptic Touch. With this upgrade, you can now navigate through the action menus and even take a glance through documents without any hassle.

So, whenever you perform even the slightest action on your iPhone, you will be able to feel the vibration feedback if your Haptics is enabled on your iPhone. It is an extremely crucial feature for disabled people who want to have confirmation about the specific actions they are performing on the device.

How to Enable Haptics on iPhone 13?

Now that you have a better idea about Haptic feedback and its importance in iPhone 13, let us walk you through the steps to enable the feature. It is fairly simple.

  1. Open your iPhone Settings
  2. Navigate to “Sound and Haptics”
  3. Scroll down until you find “System Haptics”
  4. Check if the toggle is enabled or not.
  5. If not, enable the toggle until it turns green.

And, that will enable the Haptic feedback feature on your iPhone 13. Ensure that if the feature isn’t working even after enabling it, we’d suggest you reboot your device and see if the feature is working again or not. Sometimes, the biggest issue is due to a temporary software glitch. You can fix that with a simple reboot.

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