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What Is a Widget On iPhone?

What Is a Widget On iPhone

Having phones in our hand has made our life so much easier, don’t you all agree? And with making our life’s simpler and easier it also saves a lot of our time if we use specific features provided by our phones. And why waste time by opening each and every app to find what you are looking for, when you can keep track of all the apps information by just looking at your home screen? This amazing feature is called Widgets. iPhone home screen widgets have you covered.

Whether you want to look at the recent emails without opening your iPhone email app, check your battery percentage, check your total steps without opening your exercise app, keep an eye on your favourite subreddits, or take a quick look at your favourite photos, all this can be don’t without opening the app, you can just pin the information to your home screen by a widget.


Apple has provided a sort of widgets in its own specific view since 2014, but thank to iOS 14, it allows owners to install such widgets right on the home screen rather than pushing them off to a hidden window. Widgets allow you to quickly get information and news from apps without having to launch them. Widgets provide quick access to current information from your favourite apps, such as today’s news, weather, calendar events, battery levels, and more.

In Today View, you may see widgets. You may also add widgets to your Home Screen to keep this information close at hand. You can access your widgets quickly and simply without messing up your home screen. You can even get quick updates and information in one location.

Widgets were redesigned in iOS 14 to break away from the restrictions of the Today display. They may now coexist on your home screen with your favourite apps. Furthermore, widgets may now be tiny, medium, or huge in size, displaying simply a little amount of relevant information or all you could need to know at a look.


  • Battery

It is rather simple to monitor the battery life of not just the iPhone, but also linked Bluetooth devices such as AirPods.

  • Weather

No more searching into the weather app to keep track of important weather data like temperature, you can even set the location of place you want to check of weather daily.

  • Smart Stack

A Smart Stack is a pre-configured collection of widgets that shows the appropriate widget based on parameters such as your location, activity, or time. A Smart Stack dynamically rotates widgets to display the most relevant information throughout the day.

  • Calendar and Reminder

It helps you to swiftly review your upcoming events. And being constantly on your home screen it helps you keep on reminding stuff as well.

  • Files

You can have a quick access to files without even opening the app and searching through the piles of documents.

  • Screen time

You can track the information related to your screen time. It keeps you updated on how much time you have spent on screen and on what apps.

  • Mail app

Instead of opening the mail app you can just from the home screen which mail you received. It saves you a lot of time by just checking it through the home screen.

  • Shazam

This is specially for music lovers. It helps you identify a song playing in background with just a click.

There are numerous widgets you can opt for as well. It is really simple to get widgets up and running. You just have to spend a little time customizing those widgets and then you are good to go.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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