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What happens if you “emergency override” your iPhone charging?

What happens if you emergency override your iPhone charging

Did you know that Apple has an “Emergency Override” option, which allows users to continue charging despite the risk of harm? Users can also ignore the iOS 14 warning, detach the Lightning cord, and dismiss the notice manually with this feature.

This is to alert you that there may be water or some liquid in your charging port, which might cause damage to your iPhone. If an emergency arises, you will be able to continue charging.

iOS shows notifications such as “Charging Not Available” or “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector.” The charging notice states that moisture was detected in the connection port and advises the user to remove any inserted devices to enable the port to dry.

What is Emergency override iPhone Charging?

The emergency charging override function on the iPhone allows you to avoid the liquid detection alert. When you enable this function, your iPhone will charge whether or not its components are still wet. Of course, even if you’re using a wireless charger, I don’t advocate charging your iPhone this way.

There are also two alternatives in the warning: Emergency Override and Dismiss. When you encounter this notice, you might wonder what happens if you select the “Emergency Override” option.

What happens if you “emergency override” your iPhone charging?

“Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector. Disconnect to allow the connector to dry. Charging now may damage your iPhone.”

When this warning appears on your smartphone, it signifies that charging via the charging port is impossible. In other words, this notification implies that charging has been turned off. This is an iOS feature meant to avoid corrosion, as charging can permanently harm device internals if the charging port is damp, which might result in a short circuit. When the phone senses that the port is entirely dry, this notice will be removed automatically.

In simple words your iPhone will have permanent harm based on the damage that has been done through the water that got inside.

Will the Emergency override charge iPhone for extended usage?

Apple introduced this option for customers who may need to charge their iPhone for it to turn on in an emergency. As a result, Emergency Override is not intended to charge the battery for an extended period of time. Its sole purpose is to charge the battery so you may use your iPhone in an emergency.

Will the use of Emergency Override charging harm your iPhone?

Of course, Emergency Override means you’re charging your iPhone even though it’s wet. Although Apple includes it, it does not encourage utilizing it since it might damage your iPhone. It may damage your iPhone. So, in a nutshell.

NOTE: If you need to charge your iPhone in emergency mode, you may use a wireless charger instead of a power line. This approach is safer since it does not require you to connect directly to an electrical source. However, only utilize this procedure in an emergency. If you can wait for your iPhone to dry naturally, you can avoid using wireless charging.

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