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Want Free iPhone 11 and $1000? Just Review The Device For A Week

Free iPhone 11 and $1000

The day of the final release of the upcoming iPhone 11 is around the corner, and many bloggers and vlogger have started some promotional offers for the upcoming device. So, if you are a huge Apple fan, then you can win $1000 for using the next iPhone XI for just one week. Yes, you heard it right! 

One of the well-known website WhistleOut is looking for some volunteers who can use the next Apple iPhone 11 for a week and give the honest review on the upcoming iPhone XI. Well, Apple’s next device is not yet released, so the websites clearly mention “the forthcoming iPhone XI — or whatever they decide to call it.”So, whatever they call the next iPhone, but you will get $1000 for free using the next iPhone model 2019.

The great thing is you don’t need to be a professional reviewer or writer to review the device. The company has already sent 1400 applicants for the position. So, the selected candidate will get rewarded $1000 (25% advanced payment for being chosen for the job) and after that participate can keep the device as well get the remaining amount.

If you are wondering to participate and want to get $1000 free for reviewing iPhone 11 for seven days, then you will have to visit WhistleOut page to fill up a form. There you can see the full form with some terms and condition as well as the requirement of participating to get $1000 reward + iPhone 11.

All you will have to do is just use the device as much as you can. You will have to test the camera, find out every nifty feature to use them in all manners, check the battery life, and write a frank review after seven days of use based on your experience and sent it to the site. You also get a review form.

WhistleOut is providing the excellent opportunity to get the new iPhone 11 as well $1000 for free. So, if you are true iPhone geek and planning to buy a new iPhone 2019, then it’s the best way to get the free iPhone 11 as well as $1000.

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