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How To Use Clubhouse on PC [Windows/Mac]

Use Clubhouse on PC

The audio-only chat app Clubhouse is reaching every milestone. Ever since Elon Musk’s live interview podcasted on Clubhouse, people worldwide started using this app. As the app is only available in beta for iOS users only, many Android and computers users are looking for the way to use Clubhouse on PC and Android.

As of now, we haven’t heard any official news about the Clubhouse app for Android and PC. While searching for the way to get Clubhouse for PC, I found many spammy blogs with the guide to download Clubhouse for PC. But every process was fake.

Luckily today, while checking the Clubhouse Reddit group, I suddenly stopped at the post claiming to use Clubhouse on Windows, macOS and Linux. The Reddit user named “SeOvchinnikov” created the web application version of Clubhouse app only for personal use.

In this article, we will show you the complete process to use Clubhouse on PC (Windows, macOS and Linux). You can simply manage your client chat and club chat to use for a better experience.

How To Use Clubhouse On PC or Mac

Declaimer: We respect the work of Clubhouse developers. We are not promoting or discouraging anyone’s work. This guide is only for educational purpose.

Note: You need to register in iOS version to avoid the ban. This guide has two parts: first is a backend for webapp installable via docker, and the second one is the local audio client (if you want to join channels) installed via normal setup. This process will not work once Clubhouse releases the official web version.

1.Install webapp:

Install docker if not installed (windows, macOS, linux setup).

Run inside docker:

docker run -p 8080:8080 seovchinnikov/clubhouse-web:latest

And open http://localhost:8080/ in you browser. That’s it (go to step 2)!

Or (alternatively) you can download java 11, install it, open terminal/console and type:

java -jar app.jar

app.jar can be found in releases: https://github.com/seovchinnikov/clubhouse-web/releases

And open http://localhost:8080/ in you browser. That’s it (go to step 2)!

.Install audio client

If you want to join to channels and use audio features, you also need to setup audio connector on your local PC, prebuilt binaries are located in: agora-bridge/electron/prebuilds (or in https://github.com/seovchinnikov/clubhouse-web/releases)

There are binaries for Windows, MacOS; Linux is supported via wine (please look at agora-bridge/electron/prebuilds/linux_support.md).

Just run the executables (dmg in case of macOS or exe inside zip build for windows)! Note that audio client has to be run before you join the channel or you’ll get error on joining.

When you’ll finish your room participation and don’t need audio speaking/listening anymore you can close audio client but don’t forget to open it before you join the room again.

For developers only:

Web app:

mvn clean install -P dev

This command will build web application under dev profile (Mock Server will be started to produce static json responses instead of sending requests to CH). And

java -jar -Dspring.profiles.active=dev backend-service-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

Will start app under dev profile.

Audio client:

Inside agora-bridge/electron:

npm install

npm run dist

Will build executables. And

npm run dev

Will start app in debug mode.

Are you done?

I hope you have followed the above process correctly and activated Clubhouse on your PC. Once after using the Clubhouse web version on your computer, don’t forget to share your feedback through the comment box. Feel free to ask for more help.


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