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How to unreport a post on TikTok on iPhone

unreport a post on TikTok on iPhone

TikTok needs no introduction. It is one of the most famous social media applications used worldwide. Lately, this app did not just limit itself to entertaining people, but you can find many videos that are actually useful and can help you in day to day life. As every coin has 2 sides, TikTok being useful and entertaining it also comes with some utter stupid content, some even might be offensive. So, what do we do about it? I would unreport a post on TikTok on my iPhone.

You are scrolling through endless videos on TikTok and find some content that is not appropriate or offensive or gives the wrong message, it could be any. It might be a good option to report that video so proper action can be taken for it by following proper guidelines. Sometimes while reporting the video, you realised that it was an accident and want to unreport the video, well yes, it is possible to unreport a video as well. In this article, I am going to show you how to report and unreport a post on TikTok on your iPhone device.

How to report a post on TikTok iPhone?

  1. Search for the post that you want to report on TikTok.
  2. Click on the share icon at the right corner of the post.
  3. From the list click on the report.
  4. You need to select a valid reason to report the video.
  5. Click the most appropriate reason from the list.
  6. You may even add additional information if you wish.
  7. Click on the submit button.

How to unreport a post on TikTok iPhone?

Unfortunately, you cannot unreport a post on TikTok once you have reported it and submitted the request. There is no turning back once the request is submitted. You can try to unreport by following the steps given below. These steps might work if you have reported any comments and want to unreport them, but to work with a post or someone’s account you got to try it out for yourself. If you are in luck you might be able to unreport someone’s account but not any post.

  1. Open the comment.
  2. Click on the three dot icon.
  3. A menu will be displayed on your screen.
  4. Click on the report.
  5. Choose abusive behavior.
  6. And now click on unreport.

Note: there is no feature that has been released that will help you unreport someone’s post or an account on TikTok. Once the report request is submitted, you won’t be able to do anything and the TikTok help center will take over. TikTok will review your report request and cross check if the video or account is actually following the guidelines or not, if they find something fishy then the post or account will be removed from TikTok’s platform or maybe even banned for some time or permanently. So make sure that you be very careful when you report someone, and double check before submitting your request.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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