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The Best iOS Apps that Storm The World

So, you have purchased a new iPhone and now looking for the best iOS apps to immerse yourself in an exciting experience? Well, your search ends here as we have got the list for you.

A mobile application is simply a software program on a mobile device such as phones, tablets or watches. Some uses of these apps are for productivity assistance or entertainment purposes, too, such as gaming. You can download an app from your mobile device’s store, either for a cost or free.

Apple phones are decked up tons of useful and fun applications – it’s millions deep and selecting the best among the rest is not an easy feat. Wait no more and use this guide to find out iPhone’s top apps and hidden gems.

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Types of mobile applications:

1)   Utility

Utility apps are pretty handy, and you may need them from time to time. Some of the most commonly used ones are Reminders, Weather, Calculator and Flashlight. Your mobile device has many utility apps pre-installed, such as weather, time/date and calculator. However, you may have to download the enhanced features, such as currency conversion, date/time calculators, metric converters, etc.

2)   Gaming

Gaming and entertainment software have a huge market and, thus, are competitive. You can find a myriad of games to download to kill time. You may play some games solo or with other users such as your friends, provided they install the app as well. There are also options to download a casino, sports betting or gambling app, although most operators online offer their clients an ‘all-in-one’ app. Many gamers use the games as an escape from reality or as a quick mental break from their busy lives and it generates a lot of revenue for the developers. Some of the games that have recently gained popularity are Angry Birds, Pokémon Go and Clash of Clans as a few good examples. 

3)   Social Media

It is one of the most used categories in mobile apps. And, why not? In this century, we are more connected on a global scale than ever before. Those who are active on social media need to check their accounts multiple times a day. It’s a time-saving way to provide updates of your activities to pals on the social network. You can also get instant notifications about your friends’ new posts or other activities on your mobile. Just one click, and voila, you’re connected to your people! Examples of social media apps are Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

4)   Productivity

Now you can create and modify docs, sheets, notes, etc., on productivity apps. Getting organized, keeping track of your work and collaborating with others has never been so easy! Compared to a PC, it might not be the most convenient way due to the size of the mobile screen and no keyboard, but it’s so helpful when you’re on the go! Thanks to this facility, you don’t have to carry bulky computer equipment with you everywhere! Some of the apps for productivity are Evernote, Dropbox and Todoist.

5)   Lifestyle

Nowadays, you can keep up with the latest trends with mobile apps. Whether it’s travel, beauty, health and wellness, music, food or even dating, there’s an app for something. So no more need to write down your favourite recipes while cooking. Just have your mobile with you! Also, need help in identifying a song playing in a café? Simply Shazam it! Some popular apps in the lifestyle category are Tripadvisor and Spotify.

List of The Best iOS Apps To Go For

With almost 2 million titles available in the Apple App Store, choosing the best iOS apps is surely a challenging task. But don’t you worry about the same as we’ve got the rundown of the best iOS apps that helps you in picking the rightmost option in a dozen key categories.

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  1. Crunchyroll

Do you love watching anime? If so, then Crunchyroll might be the best ad-free streaming service for you. It shows simulcast from overseas, offers you tens of thousands of episodes, and innumberable service fan crave including the social interaction features.

It has the world’s largest collection of anime and drama. Just download it from the Apple App Store, try its premium for free, and catch your favorite shows and movies right away.

  • Any.do

Tired of reviewing daily activities and get missout out on the important tasks? Worry not and get Any.do app for free on your iOS. This list-making and task-management application is a great way to jot down your task and goals.

This award-winning app is used by millions of people to stay organized and to get things done easily.

  • Dashlane

Undoubtedly, remembering login credentials is not everyone’s cup of tea and keeping this fact in mind, Dashlane is launched for the users. It puts your credentials on your fingertips and also keeps all your username and password combinations safe and secure.

However, this is a paid app and you need to pay a certain amount of fee for using the same on more than one device. It can also help in generating strong passwords. All you need to do is remeber the Dashlane password to unlock your account and all other combinations will be available at your fingertips.

  • Cloze

This iOS app mainly collects the emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and other communication from your contact and will then prioritize based on the people relevant to you.

This effective app helps you in getting updated with the major information about people in your network so that you won’t miss out on any feed.


Some of the apps come bundled with your mobile device, while you have to download the others. Knowing what type of applications you need and their utility will go a long way in better use of your time and mobile space.

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