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Spotify Wrapped Not Working Crashing 2023 iPhone: How To Fix It

Spotify Wrapped Not Working crashing 2021

The latest edition of Spotify releases with the Spotify Wrapped 2023 to show users their most favorite and top song and article of the year. But the best part is you can share Spotify Wrapped 2023 statistics to Instagram and other social media apps. The worst part is many users facing Spotify-wrapped crashing issues. 

When the user tapped Spotify Wrapped 2023 banner on the app’s home screen, it started showing Spotify wrapped something went wrong on iPhone. Since the problem occurs on dozens of devices, users shared their issue about Spotify Wrapped 2023 not working on Reddit and Twitter. Even some wrote that Spotify Wrapped is not showing up. In this article, we will show a few methods to fix Spotify wrapped crashing issue on iPhone.

How To Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working Error on iPhone

Method 1: Force Close & Try Again

Many minor bugs can be fixed with this simple trip. Many users wrote to complain that Spotify is shutting down after 35-40 seconds. This means that the Spotify app is lagging on your device. So the first solution is to force close the app by swiping up from the bottom and closing the app. Again go to the home screen and launch the app. Let’s see it is working fine. If no, move to the next solution.

Method 2: Check The App Update

For many users, updating the app to the latest version helped fix the Spotify wrap not showing the problem. Hence, we suggest users update the Spotify app to the newest version. To do that, go to the App Store, tap on Profile, and check for the update.

Method 3: Check For iOS Beta 

Many users running iOS beta updates are also facing Spotify Wrapped crashing issues on their iPhones. Since the users are testing the beta, the bugs are possible. It would be good if the user moved to a stable iOS version to fix this Spotify Wrapped not working problem.

Method 4: Logout & Login 

When we checked and looked for the solution on Reddit, many users suggested that logging out from the app and login in again would be helpful to fix Spotify wrapped 2023 issue. Let’s try this and see if it worked. 

Method 5: Uninstall & Re-Install

Even after trying the above methods, if the Spotify wrapped is lagging or crashing, another idea is to log out from the app, uninstall the app, and again install it. After re-installing the app, log in with the same previous account and see that Spotify wrapped is working fine.

Method 6: Check For iOS Update

Many iPhone users are still using older iOS update. Since Apple has the latest IOS 15.1 update, the older iOS update running devices many get some issues. Hence, if you have not installed the latest iOS 15.1 update and getting Spotify shutting down issue, you can update your iPhone to the latest iOS update to fix the issue.

The Conclusion

Did you try the above methods? Which method worked for you to access Spotify wrapped 2021? Do you know any other workarounds? Would you mind dropping comment down?

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