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How To Download Sonolus on iOS?

Sonolus On IOS

Are you one of those manga lovers that like to diversify their sources of entertainment by indulging in different ways you can engage with manga and anime. If reading manga or watching anime online isn’t enough for you, the next option in the lot is to engage in manga games.

Given how strict Apple is about their third-party downloads, it isn’t surprising that most iOS users are confused about how to download different manga games to their iPhones. Rhythm Games, which are a popular subset of Manga games, are something that’s not readily available on the App Store.

If you are particularly fond of Rhythm games and you have tried playing them on other platforms like Android devices or PC, wanting to download the same to your iOS device is pretty common. This is where an app like Sonolus comes into play.

If you are wondering how to download Sonolus on your iOS device, we have got your back with this comprehensive article.

What is Sonolus?

Given that Sonolus isn’t a very widespread and well-known application, it isn’t surprising that not many people outside the Manga community are aware of its existence. If you are in the same boat, let us clarify those doubts first.

Sonolus is a free Rhythm game app that allows users to explore and then play games at different levels. What’s great about this platform is its flexibility. Players have the choice to either create their Rhythm games or end up emulating the ones already available on the platform.

Although Rhythm games are gaining so much popularity, Sonolus is currently only available for Android devices. You will find an APK version of this gaming app for Android smartphones but if you are considering downloading it for iOS devices, there are no options available yet.

Is Sonolus available for iOS Users?

Sonolus, as we mentioned, is currently only available for Android users in the apk format. So, if you are sitting there wondering whether or not you can download this app to kick start playing Rhythm games, we have to disappoint you.

However, given that Sonolus is still in the beta testing stages for iOS devices, there are possibilities that the app might be available for Apple devices in the future.

If you find random websites on the internet sharing “links to download Sonolus for iOS”, we’d recommend steering clear of them immediately. The last thing you want is to end up downloading an infected download file to your iOS device.

Another tip we’d recommend you keep a check on is looking out for updates on Sonolus’ official social media pages. They do share updates about their app and also the expansion that follows. That should keep you posted with the latest information.


That’s all we currently know about downloading Sonolus for iOS devices. If you are sitting there wondering if you can use Sonolus on your iOS device, the answer is no current. What we’d recommend you do instead is look for similar alternative gaming apps that are officially available in the App Store and use them for the time being.

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