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How To Fix ‘Snapdrop Not Working on iPhone’?

Snapdrop Not Working on iPhone

If you use an iOS device, you likely know about the significance of using Snapdrop. It is an open-source website that enables you to transfer files and send instant text messages without any delays or complications. 

Although the service is quite effortless in its functions, one thing that’s quite disappointing is the glitches and buffering that the platform often experiences amid its running.

If you are experiencing similar issues and want to get them fixed, we have some effective ways to sort out the issue in no time at all.

Ways to Fix ‘Snapdrop Not Working on iPhone’

Snapdrop malfunctioning in your iPhone could be due to multiple reasons. Your first step to fixing the errors is to identify what’s causing the issues in the first place. Once you do, it becomes a lot easier to navigate through the errors and ensure that these issues don’t recur in the future.

Clear browser cache

Not many users realize this but one of the biggest reasons why Snapdrop is not functioning as normal on your iPhone is due to the built-up cache in your device. If you think that you haven’t cleared out your cache in quite a long time, it is time you do that without further delay.

For that, all you need to do is press down on Ctrl+F5 together and then refresh the browser once the cache has been cleared. Once done, go and open Snapdrop again on your iPhone’s browser and see if the features are working as per usual.

Connect to the same Wi-Fi network

Another common mistake that most users do is not connecting all their devices to the same Wi-Fi network when conducting the file transfer. This means that your iPhone and the recipient’s iPhone should be connected to the same local Wi-Fi connection.

Additionally, since Snapdrop uses WebRTC technology to streamline file transfer, prioritizing these individual features is crucial if you want to streamline the user experience. 

Update or reinstall the app

If you are using the app version instead of the web browser version, another quick way to fix the errors is by updating or reinstalling the app. Sometimes, temporary bugs and issues with the app lead to complications in the app’s function.

Also, reinstalling the app allows you to install the latest version of the app, which should have all the errors fixed without any complaints.

Update the browser

Majority of the browsers that you are likely using on your iPhone for accessing Snapdrop support the WebRTC technology that streamlines easy usage of the app. However, if your browser is still running on an outdated version that could be a potential reason why you need to update the browser without any complaints.

What you can do is check your browser settings to see the version and see if any updates are available. If there is, update to the latest version.

Use a different browser

Sometimes, there could be temporary issues with a browser that you are running Snapdrop on. If the error is recurring and affecting the user experience, what you can do to overcome the issue is by using an entirely different browser.

There could be situations where the software isn’t working on Chrome or Mozilla. In that case, use a separate browser to see if it’s working or if you are experiencing the same error.

Service is down

Sometimes you are not being able to use Snapdrop is not a browser or phone issue. Instead, it is likely an error with Snapdrop’s servers. Sometimes, the developers take down the website for service and maintenance. So, if you aren’t able to use their services, keep in mind that could be an issue.

If you are confused and want to crosscheck, the website https://isitdownrightnow.com/ can help you check whether the website is down or not.


This concludes the list of fixes you can try if Snapdrop isn’t working on your iPhone. The only thing we’d recommend you keep in mind is to ensure that you identify the error first. Doing so helps you implement the relevant fix to get things running without any complications, especially in the long run in the future.

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