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Silly Wishes Genshin On iOS: How to download and use?

Silly Wishes Genshin iOS

People worldwide have been trending the Silly Wishes Genshin iOS on Google Trends in the last few hours. As an iPhone user, I thought, let’s try to get Silly Wishes Genshin On iOS and see what this new app can do on iPhone. It was so cool.

Many geeks need to be made aware of Silly Wishes. So let me tell you that Silly Wishes is a Genshin wish simulator. It is available for Android, iPhone and iPad. However, iPhone users need help downloading and using Silly Wishes Genshin on iOS.

As an iPhone user, I also tried to look for the Silly Wishes Genshin on the App Store but couldn’t find the app. I guess many other iPhone geeks are looking for a way to download Silly Wishes Genshin on iPhone. Hence, I found another way to get this on iPhone if you couldn’t find it on the App Store.

With the help of the below link, you can directly tap and redirect to the official App Store link and hit the Install button to start the download process.

The silly Wishes Genshin iOS app is specially designed to create new characters and meme art from Genshin. This is only for the creators. It is not linked with Genshin Impact or any affiliate program.

Once you jump into the app, you can mix up to four characters and generate the new one. The app also has the Card Generator based on Enka.Network. Users can save cursed characters to further splice. The app makes also planning to add weapon banners in a future update.

Once you have installed Silly Wishes Genshin on your iOS devices and started building the best characters, feel free to share your feedback in the comment box. If you need more help, you can also ask in the commenting section.

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