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Should I buy iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Should I buy iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple has unveiled all its iPhone models slated for 2019 on its September special event. All the iPhone 11 models were true to its prediction. Two high-end models named iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max get a triple-camera setup at the back and iPhone 11 which said to be the successor of iPhone XR has been updated with dual-camera in a square setup. Some other products like Apple Watch Series 5, seventh-generation iPad 10.2, and more details about Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ were also revealed. But the question remains the same, should you buy iPhone 11 now or wait?

Total three iPhone models were revealed at the event which has some major camera upgrade to their predecessors. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are packed with triple camera and iPhone 11 has gotten dual-camera. All-new A13 bionic chip is packed in all the 2019 models and it is said to be the fastest chip ever in a smartphone. There are several upgrades on these iPhones for a better understanding, we have enlisted them below:

All the new things in iPhone 11 models

  • Camera upgrade – Dual and Triple-camera upgrade
  • A13 – The new chip renders 20% faster GPU and CPU performance than A12
  • Battery upgrade – The mAh capacity hasn’t been revealed yet but Apple says all the iPhone 11 will have more battery life than previous ones.
  • Refreshed Face ID – The Face ID in the latest iPhone 11 models have been updated and it works 30% faster in face authentication and also supports some more angles.
  • New Colors and Finish – iPhone 11 comes in six colors including yellow, green, purple, red, white, and black and a new anodized aluminum finish for durability while iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are available in four color options that include a new midnight green, space gray, silver, and a refreshed gold.
  • Price – iPhone 11 starts at $699. The price for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max is set at $999 and $1099 respectively.

These are the major and minor new things in all the iPhone models. Some new features will be available with iOS 13. So should you go for it or not?

The most exciting thing iPhone 11 models that we found is camera upgrade. If you love photography and want to carry your smartphone as your primary camera then iPhone 11 models are the best for you. The triple-lens in iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are no less than DSLR. More camera and photography features are available with iOS 13.

But if you not that kind of camera addict then we would suggest you not updating. If you own an iPhone model that was released in 2017 and later then you should definitely not go for iPhone 11. In case, you are having older iPhones older than 2017 then you have chances to upgrade to iPhone X and later due to the price cut.

iOS 13 is more exciting so you should know that you have compatible iPhones to enjoy its various features. So, the final answer is if you want a camera upgrade then go for iPhone 11 models but if you can wait then the speculate about iPhone 12 sound more promising than iPhone 11 has to offer.

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