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Can I Use shadweb.iranlms.ir in IOS?

shadweb.iranlms.ir iOS

For iPhone users in Iran, shadweb.iranlms.ir iOS version is considered as the best platform for educational users. With the help of this website, users from the Iran can use this for educations and training purpose. shadweb.iranlms.ir iOS version is the best platform for students, teachers, managers and parents.

shadweb.iranlms.ir IOS specially prepared for Shaad School social network. With the help of this, students can attempt online classes and manage educational material online with a few taps on the phone. Students can also use this to communicate with education ministers and educational authorities.

Initially, the game was developed only for Android with the help of APK. Since the app is no longer available on the Google Play Store and App Store, users download it on Android with APK. But iPhone users still need help to download shadweb.iranlms.ir on iOS.

How to download shadweb.iranlms.ir on iOS?

Since the shadweb.iranlms.ir iOS app is no available on the App Store; users can still access it through the online website and add the shortcut to the home screen. You can simply open Safari, visit shadweb.iranlms.ir and tap on Share and then select Add To Home Screen.

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