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Safari Lagging and Running Slow On Mac After macOS Monterey 12.1

Safari Lagging mac

Safari is the most used app on Mac. People prefer to use Safari over Chrome and Firefox on their macOS devices. But from a couple of days, some users are switching to Google Chrome due to the Safari lagging issue on Mac after macOS 12.1 update. 

Many users with MacBook Air (2017) running macOS Monterey 12.1 have reported the Safari running slow problem. Some users claim that Safari was working fine on the previous Monterey 12.0.1 update. Since many macOS users reported the issue, we looked into the matter and found some working methods to fix the Safari lagging Mac issue. Let’s try to fix this issue with the following workarounds. 

How To Fix Safari Lagging Issue on MacBook Pro or Mac

For a few users, force closing the Safari browser and re-launching the app would be helpful to get over the Safari slowing down Mac issue. To do that, 

  1. First of all, you need to Right-click the Safari icon in your macOS Dock.
  2. Next, go for Quit. The black dot displayed below the Safari icon should vanish.
  3. Now, wait a couple of seconds and click on Safari. 
  4. Then you can Resume your web browsing. 

Restart Your Mac

This method worked for many users; I hope it worked for you as well. If you still think that Safari is running slow on your Mac, you can also restart your Mac to close all the background running problems and refresh the device. 

To restart your Mac, Click the Apple logo in the top-left corner of the screen and go for Restart. 

Check For Safari Update

Another thing you should know is that you need to make sure that the Safari app is updated to the latest version after installing the new macOS Monterey 12.1. Whenever the new update lands, it also affects the currently installed apps. Hence, you need to install or update the latest Safari version. To do that, open the App Store, tap on the Apple icon on the top-left corner, click on App Store, Go to Update tab, check for the Safari update. Tap on Update next to the Safari name to download and install the latest Safari update. 

The conclusion

Have you tried the above methods to fix Safari lagging Mac issue? Any methods worked for you? Do you know any other working solution? Did you notice any other issue on the new macOS Monterey 12.1? Please share your feedback in the comment section.

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