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Review of Apple iPad Pro 2018 as an iOS MacBook

Review of Apple iPad Pro 2018 as an iOS MacBook
Review of Apple iPad Pro 2018 as an iOS MacBook

The 2018 iPad Pro comes damn near a contemporary MacBook in certain ways. So close that it is tough to put down.

I see the iPad Pro — notably the 12.9-inch version — as a continuing Apple experimentation to find out just how far it could push iOS as a productivity stage (aka getting work ) while keeping the benefits of a cell operating system.

After one month using all the 2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro, I could see why Apple is pushing forward with the experiment. Reviewers (like me) are enticed to concentrate on dispelling the MacBook-replacement fantasy. However, with some patience and time, the upsides of iOS can frequently make it easier than a MacBook, even if doing work.

It bears repeating that you need to make alterations to reap the advantages. The main point is, the more alterations can be well worth the first pain.

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Before you pull the trigger and purchase, here is my revised list of drawbacks vs upsides of this iPad as a MacBook (work) stand-in:


  • Some macOS software are not accessible or do not work well on iOS. Prior to buying, check to be certain apps you rely on are readily available.
  • No more mouse/trackpad.
  • No more floating or overlapping windows, even though split perspective is accessible.
  • Simple tasks such as cut-and-paste demand modification and picture editing may take (important ) alterations.
  • Occasionally you have to resort to tortuous hacks to achieve tasks which are no-brainers around the MacBook.

*The listing of drawbacks isn’t exhaustive. And everybody has their pet peeves, which, by definition, do not necessarily apply to other men and women.


  • Most significant apps work just fine: as only 1 example. Microsoft Office, regardless of the differences in the desktop variant, is simple to use. I discover I can be as successful in Office about the iPad Pro as in my MacBook Pro.
  • those apps in the iOS world that operate much better on the iPad compared to MacBook. This is the contrary of this Google Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, that operate Android apps but not all them nicely.
  • More affordable than the brand new MacBooks (even together with all the Smart Keyboard Folio) plus a whole lot cheaper if you choose the 11-inch iPad Pro.
  • Insane battery lifetime. This took me a month to completely appreciate the length of time the battery life is. I am speaking for two days without repainting in some situations, even if doing a great deal of work.
  • Portability: the heaviest configuration is still quite light. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro using all the Smart Keyboard Folio is just about 2.3 lbs (that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro itself is 1.39 lbs, whereas the 11-inch is 1.03 lbs ). This creates a massive difference for me since I am frequently traveling/mobile.
  • Smokin’ quickly: it is difficult to return to something like the 12-inch MacBook or even the MacBook Air following utilizing the iPad Pro. (Watch this review: “The. . .A12X Bionic chip within the iPad Guru is really fast we nearly did a spit take when we analyzed the CPU.”)
  • Screen (dual 120 Hz refresh rate, super-bright 600 nits) is wonderful. Again, difficult to return to another
  • screen following the iPad Pro.

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My setup is a 2018 3rd Production 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 256GB, Wi-Fi + Mobile ($1,299) and Smart Keyboard Folio ($199). I don’t utilize the $129 Apple Pencil (however ).

More importantly, leaving the MacBook supporting and relying on iPad Pro is becoming simpler. And should you make some alterations, the change can be well worth it.

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