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How to use R download on iOS 16.2

R download on iOS 16.1.2

Have you ever heard of R download, well not many iPhone users are aware of what R download is on iOS. In simple words, R download is a shortcut that is currently trending especially because of its capability of installing media from various applications. Since Apple has very tight security and many applications and media cannot be installed, this is where R download comes into play. With the help of the R download shortcut, you can install any application such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. if you are also looking for an R download and how to use it on iOS 16.2, then you have come to the right place.

What is R download on iOS 16.2?

R download is basically a shortcut that can help you download any third party application or media on your iOS device. It is safe and free to use and also completely ad free. Since there are no advertisements, you can install any files without getting interrupted by any unwanted ads. Apart from any third party application, it will also let you download photos and video in HD quality for free without paying any extra cost or getting a premium version.

How to install R download on iOS 16.2

  1. Go to the safari browser on your iPhone device.
  2. Search for the RoutineHub website in the safari browser.
  3. Click on the get shortcut button.
  4. A pop up will show up on your screen, click on the open button.
  5. By doing so you will be directed to the shortcut application.
  6. Click on the set up shortcut.
  7. Then tap on add shortcut.
  8. Now go to the All shortcuts and in the list, you will see the R download tab.

How to use R download on iOS 16.2

You might think it is a bit complex method to use R download, but let me assure you that it is very simple and easy to use R download.

  1. Open the application from which you want to download any video or photo such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  2. Go to the post or video that you want to download.
  3. Click on the share button of that post / video.
  4. Tap on the share to option.
  5. Locate the R download option and select it.
  6. You will have to give permission of granting R download access to download videos and photos.
  7. A pop up will show up on your screen asking you to grant permission. Click on Allow.
  8. Confirm your action by either selecting allow once or allow always.
  9. It is recommended to choose Allow once option, but if you are a frequent user then you may select allow always.
  10. That’s it, your video or photo will now be installed on your device.

Is R download safe for iOS 16.2?

There were many questions from the users asking whether R download is safe to use or not on iOS 16.1.2 running devices. Well, it is pretty safe to use and with no advertisement, you will be able to use R download without any distractions and drawbacks. To make it more secure, you show only give permission when asked and not select allow always option as it will create a big mess.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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