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How To Get PPSSPP on iOS?


Emulators are gaining extreme popularity on the internet; thanks to their flexible usability and the versatility they provide in a platform. PPSSPP is one such emulator that works across multiple devices, including Android, iOS, and even Windows.

If you are wondering how to get PPSSPP on iOS, you have come to the right place because we have all the important information sorted in this guide.

Is PPSSPP available for iOS?

PPSSPP is available and compatible with every version of iOS and even iPadOS if you are planning to install it on your iPad.

If your iPhone runs on iOS 5 and above, the PPSSPP emulator should function optimally on the device without any complication.

Another factor worth considering is that the emulator needs ISO or CSO files but lacks any ROMs in the emulator.

How to Download PPSSPP on iOS?

Now that you are sure that PPSSPP is available for iOS devices, the next thing worth knowing is how to download and install the same on your iOS device.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open your Safari browser on your iPhone and then visit the official Emus4U website
  2. From there, download the Emus4U file directly to your iPhone
  3. Once there, open it and then tap on Emulators
  4. Search for PPSSPP and find the one you are looking for
  5. Once you do, install the emulator to your iPhone directly from there

Is PPSSPP legal?

The use of emulators on different devices is legal and not something you have to question the authenticity of. Ideally, we’d recommend that you only download and install the emulator from the official website to ensure that you aren’t downloading any kinds of unethical or malware-infected files.

Is PPSSPP Gold a Superior option?

There are many differences between PPSSPP Gold and the standard version. If you are a developer and want to get your hands on the Emulator project, which is an open-source project and allows you to render some of your favorite projects without any hassle at all.

Also, if you are a regular user, there’s no need for you to go out of your way to download the PPSSPP Gold version. It’s not worth the hassle at all.


If you were confused about downloading PPSSPP for your iOS device, we hope this article gives you all the insights you need to get started. Just ensure that you cross-check the authenticity of the website you are downloading it from.

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