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Potato Streams iOS: how to download on iPhone

potato streams ios

Are you a sports fan or want to watch sports live? Sometimes tickets might be expensive to purchase so people look for different options to watch the sports live. No need to worry. We got your back. There are many online streaming platforms that you can opt for. You may stream live sports events for free using the app Potato Streams. But if you are an iOS user, things might get difficult for you as not all applications are available on App Store due to Apple’s strict privacy & security policy. So, in this article,let us take a look at what Potato streams is and how to downloadit on iPhone so you can watch live sports.

What is Potato Streams?

With the help of the software Potato Streams, customers can watch live sporting events online while relaxing in their own homes. You should choose Potato feeds if you enjoy sports and don’t want to miss any live games. No matter where you are or what time it is, you may watch live sports events with the Potato Streaming apk.

Download the app, then install it on your smartphone. However, you should check the settings before you download the app to your iOS device. Different requirements must be met before this software can be downloaded. But, after the program is downloaded, you can watch live sports on your laptop without any issues.

Can you get potato streams on iPhone?

Sadly potato streams is not supported on iOS devices. Potato streams was developed for the Android platform, and there is no official app available on App Store for you to install. But you can try to download it with the help of apks and third party applications.

How to download potato streams on iPhone?

The below given steps were working when this article was written. If the below steps do not work that means Apple patched its security settings or the apk is not supported for iOS anymore. You can look for other third party apks in this case, as the steps of installation will remain the same.

  1. Open the safari browser on your iPhone and go to the official site of the potato streams.
  2. From the main page of the potato streams click on the download button.
  3. Click on the download button again to confirm your actions.
  4. Wait for a few minutes till the download process is complete.
  5. Go to the downloaded file and tap on it.
  6. The installation process will begin.
  7. If the application does not open then go to the settings app and trust the profile.
  8. If the apk from the official site does not work then take the help of altsore or other third party apps to install the application.
  9. Once you have installed the app on your iPhone, you will need to sign in with your Gmail account.
  10. Tap on the Go button.
  11. Select the country, sports, and sports club that you would like to watch.
  12. That’s it.

Now you can watch all the live matches of your favourite sports anywhere at any time. You can watch football, basketball, boxing, and many other sports as per your liking.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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