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Ping iPhone From Apple Watch Not Working: Check These Workarounds

Ping iPhone From Apple Watch Not Working

Whenever I forget or leave my iPhone anywhere in my room or office; Apple Watch helps me locate the device with a couple of tabs and a few seconds. Since Apple has added the Ping feature on Apple Watch find iPhone, I often use this feature to find my iPhone in my messy bedroom.

While most users have found this feature very helpful, many users are complaining about ping iPhone from Apple Watch not working. After checking out several complaints, we have looked for solutions, and here we are. If you notice Apple Watch ping iPhone no sounds, check out these workarounds to fix the Apple Watch ping not working issue. 

How To Fix Ping iPhone From Apple Watch Not Working

Method 1: iPhone And Apple Watch Must Connected Properly 

To use the Ping feature to ring iPhone from Apple Watch, the user should make sure that iPhone is paired with Apple Watch properly. To check that, you can wake up the Apple Watch and if you see X symbol shows up on the Apple Watch means that both are not connected. So first, pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Method 2: Check Find My iPhone and Apple Watch Watch 

Another thing users should know is that the Find My iPhone and Find My Apple Watch option is enabled on iPhone and Apple Watch respectfully. To enable Find My iPhone, go to Settings > Apple ID Profile > Find My > Find My iPhone. To enable Find My Watch, go to Watch App > Apple Watch > (i) icon > Find My Apple Watch and turn on.

Method 3: Verify iCloud Account

When you have connected Apple Watch with iPhone, you should also make sure that the iCloud ID used on both devices is the same. If the iCloud ID used on both devices is not the same, you will end with the same question: Why can’t I ping my iPhone from Apple Watch. 

Method 4: Check Wi-Fi Connectivity 

Even if the Apple Watch is paired with iPhone properly and still you cannot ping iPhone with Apple Watch, something is wrong with a network connection. As we know that Apple Watch uses the Wi-Fi internet, you need to make sure that Apple Watch is connected to the internet to ping iPhone.

Method 5: Restart Your Apple Watch

After trying the above methods, ping the iPhone from Apple Watch is still not working; you can also try restarting your Apple Watch. Don’t worry; it won’t delete any data or anything. To restart Apple Watch, Press and hold the side button on Apple Watch until you see the Power Off slider. Now use the slider to swipe the power icon left to right to reboot Apple Watch. After a minute, press and hold the side button to power on Apple Watch.

Method 6: Check Apple Watch Update

Sometimes the older update does not allow users to use some feature of the Apple Watch. Hence, we suggest checking for the new software update. Open Watch app on iPhone, General, Software Update, and install the latest update.

Method 7: Ping Apple Team

Have you tried all the above solutions to fix the Apple Watch ping iPhone not working issue? Did it help? Our last suggestion would be to contact the Apple Support team if not. 


Any of the above methods work for you? Do you know any other working method? Please drop a comment down. 

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