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Now You Can Buy Many iPhones As Much As You Want


Whether you are great iPhone lovers or any short shop owner selling iPhone, now you have the chance to order many iPhones as you can afford. So during this self-quarantine, you can order iPhones right now while you are sitting at your home.

Apple is now officially allowing users to buy one and more iPhones at once. Earlier, Apple set the limit to buy some not more than iPhones. The limit was only for a week and the good news for every Apple fan as well as you can buy many iPhones as your bank account will let you.

Well, you that’s true as many iPhones you want, but there’s still limit on it.  There’s the limit of 999 iPhones, So if you have enough money to buy around 999 iPhones, then you can buy it, but not more than 999.

As the Coronavirus pandemic is going on and every Apple store around the world is closed, it’s the great change to make online purchases of Apple products, whether you want it for yourself or your store. Currently, Apple Stores in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and many countries as well.

While every Apple store is close, the company is giving the great opportunity to all fans to get iPhones during this COVID-19 outbreak. Are you planning to order any iPhones? How many iPhones are you going to order? If you have something to share, please feel free to share it in the comment box!

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