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New WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2023: How To Protect & Sidekick New T&C

WhatsApp Policy 2021

Ever since WhatsApp released in 2009, the messaging apps promised to keep everyone data safe. We haven’t seen any ads yet on the app. Since Facebook started taking control of Instagram and WhatsApp, people debate digital privacy. 

But recently, people around the world started opposing the popular world WhatsApp as many changes made in Privacy Policy. For the first in 11 years, WhatsApp will share your data openly to the business users by merging Facebook and WhatsApp. The worst part is you should access new WhatsApp Privacy Policy by February 8, 2021, to keep using the app. 

What’s New On WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2023?

  • WhatsApp will merge with Facebook products
  • WhatsApp processes your data
  • The company use Facebook services to store your WhatsApp data online

Will WhatsApp use my personal data from my phone?

After reading the entire new WhatsApp Privacy Policy in February 2021, we listed below some hardware data that the app can use:

  • Mobile network, connection information (including phone number, mobile operator or ISP),
  • Phone’s battery level and signal strength,
  • App version,
  • browser data,
  • language and time zone,
  • Your IP address,
  • Device operations information, and identifiers 

How To Secure Your Data From WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2023?

Have you ever wondered that many apps are already accessing your data? When you install any app on your device, it asks you to permit to access your camera, call logs, location, microphone, storage, etc. But with the new WhatsApp policy, it will break a wall for businesses to use your data from marketing purposes. 

How To Continue Using WhatsApp Without Accepting a new Privacy Policy on the iPhone?

If you don’t accept new WhatsApp T & C before February 8, 2021, your account will be deleted. Hence, you must agree on the new terms and conditions to use the app in 2021. But there is a way to secure your personal data from being used by WhatsApp. To do that, open Settings on your iPhone, scroll down and tap on WhatsApp, you will see all the features with a toggle on for the camera, call logs, location, microphone, storage, etc., open each and turn the toggle off next to it.

Well, this will help you to use WhatsApp in a more secured way by protecting your data. What do you think about the new policy of WhatApp? If you have anything to share, please do feel free to share your opinion about the new WhatsApp terms and condition. 

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