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New iPhone 12 Leak Confirms No Smart Connector This Year

New iPhone 12

After the official release of the most waited iPhone SE 2021, people are now excited to know about the upcoming iPhone 12 models. The couple of days ago, CAD rendered revealed the brand new design of forthcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max, and now we have one more exciting leak about the upcoming iPhone 12.

This time, the leak is about the iPhone 12, which has been revealed by the Apple leaker Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser). He earlier gave us the detail about the new iPhone SE 2021 release on 15 April, and it was right as Apple announced the new iPhone SE 2 model on the same date.

According to the latest leaks from Jon Prosser, the new detail about the iPhone 12 shared online confirmed that the device will not have Smart Connector, and it will be used on future portless iPhone for charging.

So we can say that Apple will not add a smart connector to the iPhone 12 as they are planning to add this feature on the next iPhone later. Jon also told that the new smart connector feature on the next iPhone that Apple is developing for the last few months and the company would add this feature on the on a future portless iPhone for charging.

We have heard a lot about the Apple Pencil support on iPhone. That’s also true that Apple is planning to add the Apple Pencil support on iPhone. But we have not seen the iPhone with Apple Pencil compatibility. Jon recently said that Apple would not add the Apple Pencil support in the iPhone 2021 model.

That’s it!

Well, that’s all Jon had the information about the smart connector on Apple’s iPhone. There is no more information about how the company will use the smart connector to help the portless iPhone charge.

What are your thoughts about the next iPhone model? Do you think it’s worth adding this Smart Connector feature to the iPhone 12? Well, we are still a few months away from the iPhone 12 launch. But Apple’s new iPhone SE 2021 model is not released. Are you planning to order the new iPhone SE? If so, then please do share which feature you liked much and what forced you to order the new iPhone SE 2? If you have anything to share about the new iPhone SE or upcoming iPhone 12, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box. You can also share which more features you wish to see on the iPhone 12 2021 models.

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