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New iOS 15 Widgets You Must Have On iPhone Home Screen

New iOS 15 Widgets

Widgets are fun. Widgets are gems. Widgets are diehard of iPhone after iOS 14 update. With the new iOS 15, Apple has not made any improvement in widgets. But the company still won everyone’s heart some new iOS 15 widgets. 

While iPhone users were waiting for a major improvement in widgets on iOS 15, the tech giant landed some new widgets to iOS 15. If you have not tested iOS 15 yet and wonder what the new and useful widgets on iOS 15 are, you are lucky to land here, as we have listed them below. Without further ado, let’s check out these new additions of iOS 15 widgets. 

Best New iOS 15 Widgets You Should Check Out

  1. Contact Widget: When Apple released iOS 15, many users complained as they lost the feature to add some favourite contacts to make quick calls. And now, with iOS 15, user can add the Contact Widget on the iPhone home screen and stay connected with family and friends. 
  2. Find My Widget: Apple improved the use of the Find My app as they added in the list of supported widgets to keep track of every Apple items like AirTag, AirPods, and more. You can also track your love once. 
  3. App Store: From iOS 15, you don’t have to check the App Store every time to find out the latest collection, in-app events, and find out the App of the day as Apple has added an App Store widget for iPhone users. 
  4. Game Center Widget: Good news for gamers as Apple introduced a new Game Center widget for iPhone users. Once you add this widget to the home screen, you will be able to jump back to the game you left last quickly. Also, the widget will show you what your friend is playing right now. 
  5. Mail Widget: Of course, mails are important, and everyone would not want to miss any email. There is a new Mail Widget with 4×1 and 4×2 sizes to keep track of the latest emails. 
  6. Sleep Widget: With the help of the new Sleep Widget on iOS 15, user can manage and keep track of sleep from the iPhone home screen. Sleep Widget is only available in 2×2 size.

Along with all these new widgets, Apple did some minor improvements for the home screen widget on iOS 15. There are also contextual widget suggestions and easy Smart Stacks reorder to use widgets in a better manner. 

What more widget you would love to see on the next iOS update? Which widget still needs to be improved? If you have anything in mind about the widgets, please do share in the comment box. 

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