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New Features On iOS 16.2

New Features On iOS 16.2

Apple iOS 16.2 update comes with a hoard of new features. This is the second major update released by the tech giant. If you have upgraded your iPhone to iOS 16.2 version, you will want to know about the features that come with it. We have laid down the details below new iOS 16.2 features.

  • Apple Music Sing

It is a karaoke feature for Apple Music subscribers. It allows you to sing your favorite tracks along with real-time lyrics. It includes options for real-time lyrics, background vocals, and changing the volume. For multi-artist tracks, it has the duet view. As of now, Apple has added 50+ playlists, including duets, songs, anthems, and choruses.

  • Freeform app

It is a cross-platform app that is specially developed for creators. This app is ideal for collaboration. It can be used for saving links, sketching, jotting down notes, drawing, and more. It allows users to organize all their work in one place. According to Apple, it is a creative space for iOS users.

  • Advanced-Data Protection

It provides end-to-end encryption to iCloud data categories. It can be used to encrypt Message backups, iCloud backups, Notes, iCloud drive content, Photos, Safari Bookmarks, Wallet Passes, Voice Memos, Reminders, and Siri Shortcuts. It should be noted that Advanced-Data Protection is opt-in, which means Apple can’t restore your data if you forget or lose your password.

  • New Home App Architecture

Coupled with HomePod 16.2 software, it delivers a better experience. According to Apple, the Home App Architecture provides faster and better performance in smart homes.

  • Disable Notifications and Wallpaper for Always-On-Display

iOS 16.2 allows you to disable notifications and wallpaper when the always-on-display screen is enabled. Once you turn off the mentioned things, the always-on-display interface will only show time along with the widgets that are enabled.

  • Software updates

The tech giant has made a few changes to the Software Update section. The text of the software version is bolder than before. This is done to make the text more prominent.

  • Contacts Only AirDrop

iOS 16.2 will have the AirDrop feature set to Contacts Only by default. However, it will give you the option to use this feature for everyone nearby. But it will go back to Contacts Only after 10 minutes.

  • Lock Screen Sleep Widget

The new update comes with a Sleep Widget that derives data from the Health app, Apple Watch, or other devices used for tracking sleep. It will display information like sleep quality and time spent in bed. The widget is available in three variants. Tapping on the widget will take you to the Health app’s sleep section.

  • Game Center

Apple has made changes to the Game Center to make it support SharePlay. This will allow you to play games with anyone on FaceTime call. Along with that, they have also added an Activity Widget that will help you see what your friends are playing and achieving in the games.

  • Lock Screen Medication Widget

iOS 16.2 also includes a Medication widget. It has two options – the first one is a single pill icon while the second one reminds you when to take your medication.

  • Messages Search

The search function in the Messages app is improved so you can find pictures based on content, like a person, pet, car, or text.

  • 5G in India

iOS 16.2 has enabled 5G services in India. Multiple carriers are already offering 5G services in the country.

  • Disable Hide IP Address

This is a new iCloud Private Relay setting option that lets you disable it temporarily for a specific Safari site.

  • Weather App News

The Weather app is integrated with Apple News to provide users with weather-related news in their region.

  • Siri Silent Responses

Now you can set Siri to ‘Prefer Silent Responses.’ You can enable this option in the Accessibility section of the Settings app. This will silence Siri’s responses, so it doesn’t confirm requests out loud.

  • Crash Detection Optimisations

This option will prevent iPhone 14 models from dialing emergency services when they are enjoying an intense ride like a rollercoaster.

All the features included in iOS 16.2 provide a better user experience. You should take advantage of all these features to be more productive with your phone. If you haven’t installed the new iOS update yet, you should do it now.

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