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New Emojis Coming to iOS 14.2 Update Next Week

New Emojis Coming to iOS 14.2

Last week, Apple released the new iOS 14.1 update for iPhone users to fix some bugs people were facing in iOS 14.  While people are enjoying the new iOS 14 home screen customisation feature a creating some unique aesthetic home screen designs, Apple releases the latest iOS 14.2 beta.

With the new iOS 14.2 beta version, Apple has added some new emojis for users. At the beginning of this year, Apple added some new 64 emojis which include animals, plants, and more. Also, they have polar bears, bubble tea, and even the trans flag.

But now with the new iOS 14.2 upgrade, there are more new emojis added to the eco-system of Apple. There is a new emoji of a man wearing a veil and a woman in Tuxedo to make it gender-neutral. There is also emojis of a man, woman, a girl feeding milk to a baby which also highlight the gender roles. There are emojis of prominent insects such as a cockroach, which is hugely well-articulated, a fly.

Let’s take a look at those upcoming emojis of iOS 14.2 updates.

Smiling face with tear
Disguised face
Pinched fingers (with skin tones)
Anatomical heart

Ninja (with skin tones)
Person in tuxedo (with skin tones)
Woman in tuxedo (with skin tones)
Person with veil (with skin tones)
Man with veil (with skin tones)
Woman feeding baby (with skin tones)
Man feeding baby (with skin tones)
Person feeding baby (with skin tones)
Mx. Claus (with skin tones)
People hugging

Black cat

More emojis:

New Emojis Coming to iOS 14.2

These are some new emojis we will get from the upcoming iOS 14 upgrade. Which the above emoji you liked the most? Do you still miss more emojis on iOS 14? If you have anything to share, please do feel free to share with us in the comment box.

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