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My Hotpot Story Mod iOS Download & Use on iPhone

My Hotpot Story Mod iOS

Why iPhone gaming geeks are searching for “my hotpot story mod ios“. As the Google Trend is maximum searches related to my hotpot story ios, we made this complete article about it. The restaurant and café games genre has slowly become popular in the last few years. Due to this, we have plenty of new games coming up in this genre.

One of the restaurant and café games that is worth talking about is My Hotpot Story. It is the perfect combination of educational and fun elements. In this game, you assume the role of a pot restaurant owner, and your goal is to run your restaurant successfully.

Disclaimer: As a true Apple informative blog, we don’t promote or encourage the use of third-party apps or games on iPhones since Apple has a strict policy. This article is only for informative purposes.

Although the game might sound easy, it is not. There are plenty of problems and challenges you need to deal with. From maintaining your restaurant to satisfying your customers, you will have to do it all.

Why download My Hotpot Story Mod iOS?

First of all, My Hotpot Story mod apk is a modified version that consists of many additional features that are lacking in the original game. Downloading the modded game will give you access to unlimited diamonds, gold coins, decorative items, and more. These things are important to make swift progress in the game.

Usually, it takes a long time to collect sufficient diamonds and gold coins. But with the modded version of the game, you get an unlimited supply, and that too for free.

  • Unlimited diamonds

Diamonds are needed to make in-app purchases in the game. Developers earn money by selling diamonds and other items. But it may not be possible for everyone to spend real money to purchase diamonds. To beat the system, you should install the modded game. It will give you free diamonds and allow you to use them for whatever purpose you need.

  • Unlimited gold coins

Another type of in-game currency used in My Hotpot Story is gold coins. It is one of the most valuable currencies that is needed to purchase premium items.

Instead of spending real money, you can get as many gold coins as you want using the modded game. This not only makes things more convenient, but you also get to enjoy the game to the fullest.

  • Unlimited decorative items

Not just in-game currencies, but the modded game also gives you access to unlimited decorative items. You can then use these items to customize your hotpot restaurant the way you like.

Without the modded game, you will have to spend real money to purchase decorative items. If you are not willing to do that, then installing the modded game is the only logical option for you.

How to download My Hotpot Story Mod iOS?

You can download the My Hotpot Story mod apk from a trusted source online. Before that, you need to jailbreak your iOS device. This is because Apple doesn’t allow its users to download apps from any other source than the App Store. This restriction can be removed only by jailbreaking your device.

The purpose of downloading the mod game is to access the extra features that are not missing in the original game. In case you wish to download the original game, it is available in the App Store.

Look for a trusted website that offers safe downloads. This is crucial for the safety of your device.

The good thing about My Hotpot Story mod apk is that it is available for free. Once you install the modded version on your device, remove the original game as you cannot run both on the same device.

Here’s the video guide you can check to download my hotpot story mod ios to get my hotpot story unlimited diamond.


My Hotpot Story is a fun game that gives you the chance to run your restaurant. The gameplay is addictive and includes many great features. To unlock the full potential of the game, you should download the modded version.

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