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MtG Arena Authentication Failed iPhone: How To Fix It

MtG Arena Authentication Failed

While many users worldwide face Amazon cs11 error on iOS 15 running devices, another issue reported by many iPhone users. This time, the error is occurring on players of Magic: The Gathering Arena. You heard it right. Several players already took Twitter by storm to complain MtG Arena Authentication Failed on iPhone.

According to the latest report, a multiplayer online card game was recently done with server maintenance to apply some changes with Magic: The Gathering Arena Patch 2021.8.0. The makers of the games announced yesterday August 24th at 2 PM UTC, that the maintenance has been done after the 5 hours to 7 hours of the maintenance period.  

Along with the new patch, they also stated that users could also face some minor issues. 

Once the MtG Arena Authentication Failed 2021 issue came to light, MTG Arena also started investigating the issue, and they dropped the Investigation note “We are investigating reports of connection and latency-related issues on @MTG_Arena. We will update you with more information as soon as possible.”

After that, within a couple of hours, they release another note to inform the users that “We’ve identified the issue and have taken steps to improve connection issues and client responsiveness on @MTG_Arena. We’re considering this issue resolved, though we’ll continue to monitor the situation. Thank you!”

However, the issue is fixed, but many iPhone users cannot log in to MtG Arena as they are getting MtG Arena Black Screen and MtG Arena Waiting For The Server issue. Even some are waiting for 10 to 20 minutes to get the download MtG Arena new update done.

How To Fix MtG Arena Authentication Failed iOS Issue?

Even after the official announcement about the fix, many users can still log in to MtG Arena on iPhone and iPad. But according to the many users, heading to the App Store and Updating the game to the latest version is helping iOS users get rid of MtG Arena Authentication Failed 2021 issue. 

How To Fix MtG Arena Black Screen Error?

After the latest patch update, dozens of MtG Arena players are also reporting the MtG Arena Black Screen problem. But you can also fix this issue by updating the app and clearing caches before login.

Have you gone through this MtG Arena Authentication Failed issue? Did this article help you to fix the login issue? Do you see another issue while login in or downloading MtG Arena latest patch? Please share your feedback in the comment box. 

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