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55 Apps That Use Live Activities iOS 16

Apps That Use Live Activities iOS 16

While the world was waiting for the Always On Display from the iOS 16, Apple surprised everyone when they showcased Live Activities at the WWDC June event 2022. However, Apple still needs to add the Live Activities feature with the final version of iOS 16. Thankfully, the Live Activities feature is here with the new iOS 16.1.

Ever since Apple released the IOS 16.1 update, people have been keenly using Live Activities. But many people need to be made aware of how to use Live Activities and which apps use Live Activities on IOS 16. After updating iPhone to the new iOS 16.1 update, the Live Activities are enabled by default in the Face ID & Passcode settings. Sadly, Live Activities does not show the list of Live Activities-supported apps.

Since Live Activities is new for users, people wish to know Live Activities iOS 16 apps for sports and other live updates. So, here we have the complete list of Live Activities iOS 16 compatible apps.

55 Live Activities iOS 16 Apps Supported

  1. Flighty
  2. Smart Gym
  3. Structured
  4. Bolt – Workout & Gym Planner
  5. Booby Track
  6. Wakeout
  7. Carrot Weather
  8. Grocery
  9. Coachy: AR Calisthenics & HIIT
  10. Just Press Record
  11. Coffee Book
  12. Sports Alerts
  13. Crouton: Cooking Companion
  14. Tide Guide
  15. Dark Noise
  16. MoneyCoach
  17. Fat Burn Tracker
  18. Lumy
  19. FITIV Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
  20. Focus – Time Management
  21. GoodTask – To Do List, Tasks
  22. Forest: Focus for Productivity
  23. Landscape: Mountaineering
  24. Liftin’ Workout Tracker
  25. Lock Launcher
  26. LookUp: English dictionary
  27. Mango Baby – Newborn Tracker
  28. MD Clock – Clock Widget
  29. MoneyCoach Budget & Spendings
  30. OffScreen – Less Screen Time
  31. OneWidget – Lock Screen Widget
  32. Paddle Logger for Watersports
  33. Passcodes – Password Manager
  34. Pestle: Recipe Organizer
  35. Reality Tasks: Kanban & To-Do
  36. Slopes: Ski & Snowboard
  37. Soor
  38. Sports Alerts
  39. Structured – Daily Planner
  40. Sticky Timers and Countdowns
  41. Time’s Up! – Visual Timer
  42. TickTick
  43. Aviary 2
  44. Alpenglow: Sunset Forecast
  45. Subjects – student planner
  46. Crumbl Cookies – cookies delivery
  47. Rippple for Trakt – TV/movie tracker
  48. Thuisbezorgd / Just Eat – food delivery
  49. Endel
  50. Wolt Delivery – food delivery
  51. FotMob – soccer scores tracker
  52. Pi-hole Remote
  53. Shelf – lock screen widgets
  54. Calzy – calculator
  55. One Widget – lock screen widget

We spent a couple of hours to get every Live Activities supported app in the above list. If we missed any important app, feel free to suggest us in the comment box.

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