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Learn to play Piano on your iPad or iPhone using these apps

Learn to play Piano on your iPad or iPhone using these apps
Learn to play Piano on your iPad or iPhone using these apps

In the modern age, the iPad and iPhone have become the go-to-devices to play an instrument. There are a wide number of apps available online using which you can learn piano. Majority of these apps listen to what you are playing and detect whether you are hitting the correct keys.

The main requirement of learning piano is access to a piano or keyboard, and this is where the actual need for Garageband comes. Some free download apps from Apple will turn your iPad or iPhone into a digital audio workstation and also consists of access to other virtual instruments such as piano and guitar.

If you are just beginning, then you can surely learn some of the basics on the on-screen keyword. However, the main purpose of learning an instrument starts by developing muscle memory so that your fingers know what to do and for that, you require an original instrument. The great news is that Garageband helps you with that by enabling you to connect a MIDI keyboard to your iOS device.

MIDI stands for musical instrument digital interface and it is the one way of communicating about what is played on the instrument to great devices like iPhone or iPad. Hence, you can hook up a MIDI keyboard and use Garageband in order to generate sounds.

There are various MIDI keyboards which you can buy, along with keyboards with 29 keys. Some of the most popular apps to learn piano on the iPhone or iPad are given below.

Top 3 Apps to learn Piano on your iPhone or iPad

1. Yousician

Yousician is a wonderful way to learn piano, guitar or bass. It consists of a Rock Band-like process of enhancing your learning process. For learning piano, you can select colored notes flowing through the screen or the app scrolls sheet music, which supports you to sight read as you learn to play.

The app is specially meant for singers, pianists, guitarists, bass and ukulele players. The app is suitable for all from beginner to advanced players.

The app consists of around 1500 missions and exercises, which will be useful to learn sight reading, sheet music, classical and pop songs for piano and Guitar. The app provides feedback on your work.

2. Simply Piano

Simply Piano is yet great app using which you will be able to learn piano easily. This app is useful for a beginner as well as professional. The app works well on any piano or keyboard.

The app consists of a lot of popular songs like All of Me and Counting stars, etc. It consist courses of different musical tastes and playing levels. You can learn basic step-by-step by following sheet music with both hands. It has personalized 5-min workouts enabling your progress fast. You will receive feedback and thus able to enhance your piano skills.

3. Synthesia

Synthesia is also one of the most popular apps to learn piano. Here, use the touchscreen of your device or connect a digital keyboard and play using real piano keys. Piano Maestro and Yousician are following the game like the system, they scroll from right to left. Synthesia follows the system of Guitar hero, which has scrolling from down to the top.

You can learn a lot of things from this method of playing. Just as reading sheet music, you will understand the relationship between notes and predict where they will land as per the relation to the previous note. The app has a feature to slow down music, hence you will learn at a slower pace also.

Using the free version, you can learn about 20 songs. If you want to play 130 more, then you have to pay extra bucks. Apart from this, the app has a lot of wonderful features.

We hope that you like our list of Top 3 Apps using which you can learn piano on iPad or iPhone. If you want to learn more about piano apps and piano stuff, then visit piano reviews. Lastly, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and followers.

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