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Is iOS 16.3 good?

Is iOS 16.3 good

The most recent version of Apple’s iPhone operating system, iOS 16.3, has a ton of brandnew features and enhancements. And I am sure you must be curious to know whether it’s worthwhile to upgrade and what effects a new version will have on their device with each new update. We’ll go deep into iOS 16.3 in this post and examine its most noteworthy features, speed improvements, and usability as a whole. This blog will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, about whether iOS 16.3 is good for your iPhone system or not.

Is iOS 16.3 good?

Whenever we get an iOS update the first question that pops up in our mind is whether that update is good enough to be downloaded on our iPhone devices or not. We search through every website to get reviews of the latest iOS release. Well, the same thing is here as well. IOS 16.3 is the latest version to be released, and although it was released some time ago many people are still confused about it. No need to go on a searching spree as I am going to give you exactly what you need. I will be shedding light on iOS 16.3 update and let you know whether it is good to install or not. To reach that conclusion we first need to see all the pros and cons of the iOS 16.3 update.

After updating iPhone to iOS 16.3, the battery life becomes more stable than before. Although the battery drain issue still remains, there are improvements in causing less battery drain than before. IOS 16.3 is as fast as iOS 16.2 and there isn’t any noticeable increase in lag and animations, in fact, the transitions are also impeccable.

When talking about its features we have new unity wallpaper that honours black history and culture in celebration of black history month. We also have security keys for Apple ID that allows users to strengthen the security of their account. Now requiring physical keys as part of two factor authentication. These features must be the highlight but we also cannot forget about the bug fixes that iOS 16.3 brought with it.

A problem where some drawing strokes made with an Apple Pencil or your finger might not show up on shared boards has been fixed.The wallpaper on the lock screen was seen as black, which is fixed. The Home Lock Screen widget’s inaccurate display of the state of the Home app has been fixed. IOS 16.3 also fixes a problem where Siri might not handle music requests correctly and fixes the problems where Siri queries in CarPlay might not be properly understood. This resolves an issue that made it impossible for the Find My app to function properly with CarPlay.

Talking about the reviews from the people who have updated iOS 16.3 and using it for quite some time now, have not been facing any major issues and their iPhone device is also stable without any problems. But there were some incidents reported where users faced issues with Bluetooth bugs, UI lag, issues with Face ID, and issues with various first and thirdparty apps.

To conclude this article and in my opinion, I would surely say that iOS 16.3 is good to go and ready to install on your devices. There is no harm in installing iOS 16.3 as there are no major issues reported and the performance of the iPhone is also increased after this update not to forget about the battery drain issue reduced as well. Let us know your thoughts about this update in the comment box down below.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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