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iPhone SE 4 Features and Release Date

iPhone SE 4

Apple has been consistently working on improving its flagship and entry-level iPhones, including the iPhone SE 4. Last year in March 2022, Apple upgraded its iPhone SE model with very minimal upgrades and features, leading to a very cool reception for the device.

With many users awaiting the release of the next-gen model, it isn’t surprising that Apple has a new iPhone SE 4 under wraps.

Although most of the information about the model’s release date and specifications hasn’t been confirmed, we thought of bringing you an article combining all the rumors we have heard so far.

When is the iPhone SE 4 Releasing?

When it comes to the Apple iPhone SE models, they don’t follow the standard annual iPhone release schedule. So, predicting the official release date is pretty much next to impossible at this point.

Last year’s iPhone SE model was launched in March, like the previous two models. If Apple follows this tradition this year too, it looks like the release of the iPhone SE 4 will most likely happen in March or April 2024.

Keep in mind that these are speculations and rumors from leading tech enthusiasts and analysts. Apple hasn’t released any confirmed release date yet.

What is the expected price range of the iPhone SE 4?

The price of the iPhone SE models has only increased with each year. The more advanced the devices are, the steeper the prices of the models.

The release of the iPhone SE 3, which came out with minimal upgrades but a steep price wasn’t received well by potential consumers. The 64GB variant was priced at $429 while the 128GB variant was priced at $579 for the iPhone SE 3, which came out in March 2022.

As for the iPhone SE 4, it looks like the pricing of the models will increase quite exponentially. However, with Apple, you have to expect the unexpected. So, we’d have to look forward to what’s next.

What are the Expected features of the iPhone SE 4?

There are potential rumors that the upcoming iPhone SE 4 will not support the Face ID feature, which has become a staple for iPhone users in today’s date.

Reports suggest that the reason why Face ID might not make it in the upcoming iPhone SE 4 is that Apple reserves this feature for the higher-end iPhone models. However, the device is reportedly going to feature a notch.

As for the camera settings, the iPhone SE 4 will come with a single 12MP wide-angle lens camera in the rear. However, the users are hoping that some of the camera settings like Night Mode and Cinematic mode, which weren’t available in the previous generation model, should be integrated into the upcoming one.

Coming to the performance, there is confusion between the A15 and A16 Bionic chips. Most tech analysts believe that the processor integration will depend on when the device is launched.

Some rumors also suggest that the iPhone SE 4 could be the first Apple device to come with Apple’s exclusive 5G modems, featuring a 4nm process and sub-6GHz bands support. There could be a shift from making the base model come with 128GB integrated storage instead of 64GB, which happened with the last three generations of the iPhone SE.

There aren’t many expectations when it comes to the design and build of the iPhone SE 4 since Apple doesn’t include many differences in the appearance of the device.


With so many rumors and speculations, being excited about the potential launch of the iPhone SE 4 shortly is justified. Although we don’t have an official release date yet, we can hope that it might be right around the corner.

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