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iPhone SE 2021 Short Review in 500 Words: Complete Pros & Cons

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The all new Apple iPhone SE 2021 is in the market now and as we all know the price of iPhone SE 2021 is just $399, which means its a pocket-friendly phone. Apple launched iPhone SE 2021  smartphone on 15th April 2021. So today we are here with all the pros and cons which are reported by its users, and will be telling you why you should buy this device and why you should not.

Apple iPhone SE 2021 is a smartphone which delivers all the latest technology that we need in our device. Many of us were waiting for the iPhone SE 2021 as the company launched the SE version almost after 4 years. The new iPhone SE model is identical to iPhone 8 in terms of its design and some of its features are similar to iPhone 11. Lets see what are pros and cons this device has.

Pros of iPhone SE 2021

  • Price of iPhone SE 2021

The biggest plus point of the iPhone SE 2021 is its price. You can get an Apple handset at an affordable price of $399, which means you are getting the best brand handset plus all the iOS features. It’s one of the best iPhones Apple has ever created and one can get easily hands on.

  • Fingerprint Scanner

Some latest iPhones, like iPhone X and iPhone 11 do not have fingerprint unlocking option and we have seen people are missing that feature a lot as it is one the easiest and safest way to unlock a device. But the new iPhone SE has a fingerprint scanner on the home button.

  • Performance

Apple has launched iPhone SE 2021 with the latest A13 chipset which is there in iPhone 11. So it gives a very good performance. You will see that apps are opening and working very fast and the camera performance has become better.

Cons of iPhone SE 2021

  • Outdated Design with Big Bezels

Apple has launched the new iPhone but they have not worked on the designing part, iPhone SE 2021 is similar to iPhone 8 from the designing perspective which means your handset will be having big bezels on top and bottom. These days people prefer bezel-less designs and almost all new phones have bezel-less designs. So this is going to be one point where you might not want to go with the older design.

  • Battery Life

Apple iPhone SE’s battery life is the most concerning thing till now, and probably it’s one of the biggest issues with the iPhone SE 2021. It’s hard to spend all day with its battery life, you may need to charge it twice or thrice a day.

Bottom Line

Being said that every mobile phone has some pros and cons and everyone has their personal requirement. So, now it’s up to you which feature you need in your phone and whether the latest model of iPhone SE 2021 provides you that or not.

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