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What Is iPhone Clean Energy Charging?

We are currently in the middle of a global climate crisis that is taking the world by storm. We are witnessing melting ice caps, increased forest fires, natural calamities, etc. One of the most common contributing factors behind it is the kind of urbanization we are indulging in.

With the electronics industry contributing to a huge chunk of this destruction, it isn’t surprising that brands like Apple are now integrating ways to reduce their impact on the world.

One such feature introduced recently by Apple is “Clean Energy Charging” for their iOS devices, which is aimed to reduce the carbon footprint of the iPhones.

If you are confused about the feature and want to know more, we have sorted out all the relevant information for you in this article.

What is the Clean Energy Charging feature?

As we just mentioned, enabling the Clean Energy Charging feature on your iPhone significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the iOS user.

The feature works in tandem with the Optimized Battery Charging feature by identifying the user’s battery charging habits.

In normal cases, when you plug in your iPhone for charging, the operating system in the device (iOS) locates the carbon emission forecast to find the nearest energy grid. This contributes to elevated carbon emissions.

With Clean Energy Charging, the iOS already has automated knowledge about the forecast, thereby connecting your device to the lower carbon emission electricity grid.

Remember that the Clean Energy Charging feature on your iPhone heavily relies on your battery charging habits. This means that it will work if you keep charging your devices in the same spots at similar times throughout the day.

If you are traveling or are charging your device in a new location every day, the Clean Energy Charging won’t work on your iPhone.

To make Clean Energy Charging a success among iOS users, Apple has even collaborated with CoolClimate Network to conduct further research on this subject.

How to Enable Clean Energy Charging?

Enabling Clean Energy Charging in your iPhone isn’t the easiest task at hand. There are a few different factors you have to keep in mind.

Three specific location-based Settings need to be enabled in your iOS device for you to be able to use the Clean Energy Charging feature.

Here’s a quick rundown of those factors:

  1. Open your iPhone Settings
  2. Navigate to Privacy and Security
  3. Go to Location Services and enable the toggle.
  4. Scroll down until you find System Services.
  5. Click on it and again tap on System Synchronization. Enable that too.
  6. Lastly, navigate to Significant Locations in iPhone settings and enable that too.

Once all these three location-based settings are enabled, you are then good to sort out the Clean Energy Charging feature in your iPhone. It is just that simple.

Can I use Clean Energy Charging on my iPhone?

The Clean Energy Charging feature is currently limited to iPhone users in the United States. Since the feature is currently in the testing phase, it hasn’t gotten a global release.

However, given how quickly people are getting used to this feature and how well it is working, it won’t be surprising if Apple ends up making the feature globally in the upcoming days.

Until then, if you aren’t from the United States, you won’t be able to use this particular feature in your iPhone right now.


The Clean Energy Charging feature on your iOS devices might not seem like a lot. However, the good news is that the feature can reduce carbon footprint by a lot once it is released or made available to every iOS user across the world.

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