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iPhone Cannot Verify Identity On iOS 15: How To Fix It

iPhone Cannot Verify Identity iOS 15

After installing the iOS 15 update, some users get the “Cannot Verity Server Identity” popup on the iPhone screen. The ‘Cannot Verify Identity iPhone’ usually occur when Apple finds a fake mail server’s certificate. As we know that Apple is stringent regarding user’s privacy, the company shows this error to the users while using the mail app. 

For security purposes, when Apple tries to fetch the server’s SSL certificate and if it’s not reliable and doesn’t match the domain name, expired or not signed the company, the user will be worn by prompt. 

Luckily, here we have the working solutions to fix the issue. In simple, we can say that when there is no trust on the email server, this Cannot Verify Identity iOS 15 error will be prompt. If the user switches email after changing the mail server, the user can also get this message.

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How To Fix iPhone Cannot Verify Identity On iOS 15

Solution 1: Disable Wi-Fi Network 

While looking for the solution to this problem on Reddit, we noticed one workaround that worked for the user. According to the user, this message popup when the device is connected to the Wi-Fi network but doesn’t have an internet connection. To fix iPhone Cannot Verify Identity issue, the user can fix the connected Wi-Fi or change the Wi-Fi connection.

Solution 2: Unsubscribe Outdated Calendars 

Users can also get this “iPhone Cannot Verify Identity” error on the iOS 15 screen if users have still subscribed to outdated calendars. If you are done with this calendar, then try to unsubscribe from the expired calendar. It will help to fix this issue.

Solution 3: Force Close Mail App and Open It Again

Since the issue is related to the Mail app, we suggest you force close the Mail app and try to open it again; it will work fine. You can close all apps running in the background to fix this problem. This method also worked for many users.

Solution 4: Delete & Add Email Again

When you delete the email account from the Mail app and add it, it will also reset the email’s server identity certificates and not show the iPhone Cannot Verify Identity message again. To delete and add email, go to Settings > Mail > Account > now go to iCloud and then Gmail to delete the account. Follow the same steps to re-add it again.

Solution 5: Restart Your iPhone

After installing the new iOS 15 update, if you have started getting iPhone Cannot Verify Identity error on the screen randomly, try to reset your iPhone to fix this issue. 

Solution 6: Reset Network Settings

When you reset network settings, it will restore all default networks and help you get rid of this issue. You can reset Network Settings in Settings > General > Reset > Enter Passcode and continue.

Solution 7: Check for iOS Update or Carrier

If the iPhone Cannot Verify Identity 2021 error occurs worldwide, we can expect an office new minor upgrade from Apple to fix this issue. Hence, keep your eyes on the software update to see if the new update is available under the Settings > General > Software Update. Or you can also check for the carrier update under Settings > General > About to update to the latest carrier.

Final Words

Even after trying the above solutions, if your device is popping up the same message, you can reach the Apple Support team to report the issue and get the official solution. If any of the above methods worked for you, you could also tell us via the comment box.

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