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iPhone 14 Has Emergency SOS via Satelite To Help without Cellular Network

Emergency SOS via Satelite

With the iPhone 14, additional features will include an emergency sos function. The previous iPhone did have this capability, but this time Apple has upped up its game and developed an entirely new technology for the emergency sos feature. This time, satellite technology will be used to operate emergency systems.In the iPhone, Apple first adds satellite connectivity. Now, customers may remain connected regardless of where they are stranded, even during emergencies. According to Apple, it took them years to develop this communication technology game-changer.

A new safety feature that Apple is considering is one that is apart from Apple Watch crash detection.

Apple uses satellite to deliver the SOS emergency alert. We can send and receive information using this capability without an internet connection. This function will come to your aid if you ever find yourself in a precarious scenario or experience an emergency but are unable to contact anyone due to poor internet connectivity. You can send and receive text messages without an internet connection using emergency sos through satellite. In an emergency with a clear sky, the iPhone will be able to send a text message in less than 15 seconds.

It’s not like Starlink where you automatically have a satellite connection. It is a last-resort, emergency-only feature. But I wouldn’t be shocked if the feature were to become more widespread in the coming years. Custom short text compression technology that triples the size reduction of messages “To enable iPhone antennae to connect to satellites, we created and manufactured specialised hardware and software. “Your phone needs to be pointed directly at a satellite. If you have a clean view of the sky, it can send a message in less than 15 seconds thanks to our cutting-edge algorithms “is all the information you require regarding the state of satellite connectivity.

To acquire your texts and send them to emergency service providers who only handle phone calls, Apple has set up relay centres. staffed by a large number of employees.

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