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Every iPhone 13 Rumours Are Expecting In 2021

iPhone 13 Rumours

Every day I heard something new about the upcoming iPhone 13. Every blog and forums are full of Apple iPhone 13 rumors. Even we are not sure whether it could be iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S, or iPhone 21. But we have some exciting leaks to know about iPhone 2021.

iPhone 13 Expected Features

You know, the most annoying thing about the iPhones, I guess it is battery life. For decades, Apple fans are disappointed with the battery capacity of its iOS devices. The rival device, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, has a 5000-mAh battery, which lasted 22 hours and 57 minutes. But Apple never revealed the battery capacity of its devices yet. We are expecting more than 3000-mAh batter on iPhone 13.

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As we know, the iPhone 12 did not include a 120Hz refresh rate. Maybe Apple has saved this feature for the next iPhone 13. We can expect a high refresh rate OLED on the next iPhone 13, maybe in iPhone 13 Pro models for sure. This feature will work great to see everything better and play games at a high frame rate.

For the last couple of years, Apple working to make its devices completely wireless and port-free. Most of the rumors of iPhone 13 are claiming that the device won’t have the Lighting port. Even the popular leaker Ming Kuo suggested in December that we could see iPhone 2021 without any port. The company already made the MagSafe charging port with iPhone 12, and now we can expect the better MagSafe with more watts. Like the current iPad Pro, we could also get a Smart Connector on the next iPhone 13.

With every new iPhone, Apple did a great upgrade to its camera. The same things are expected from iPhone 13 with new lenses, new camera sensors, and wider sensor-based stabilization. The iPhone 13 Pro could get the same telephoto camera as the 13 Pro Max. Many rumors are claiming that we could see the ultrawide camera on iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 model. We will also see the better low-light performance and a faster aperture lens on iPhone 2021.

Just like older devices, we could also get the Touch ID back on iPhone 13, but not with the new physical button; instead, we can expect an in-display Touch ID sensor. So if you don’t prefer the Face ID, you can go with the under-the-display Touch ID sensor to unlock the device. According to one patent file, Apple could add the fingerprint sensor anywhere on the screen, and you can touch it anywhere on the screen to unlock the device.

One of my most anticipated that I am excited that is the portrait mode video recording feature. Hence, you will be able to record videos like DSLR with blur background. Currently, the latest Samsung Galaxy models have the feature to shoot portrait mode videos. We could also get the option to change the background blur once the video has been recorded.

To capture the better night sky, we could also see the new astrophotography mode.  The current Google Pixel already has the astrophotography mode for a better night picture of the sky and stars.

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