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iPhone 12 No Service Issue: How To Fix Poor Cellular Network

iPhone 12 No Service Issue

Ever since users got their hands with new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, they are complaining about the No Service problem on iPhone 12. According to one Redditor, within an hour of leaving home, he started seeing No Service status bar at the top of the iPhone 12 Pro. 

Even if the person is in an area with sufficient signal, the iPhone 12 users are still getting the poor cellular network. Affected users also mentioned that they did not have the cellular network problem on older iPhones. Only new iPhone 12 flagships are troubling with No Service status bar message. 

Mostly, no service on the cellular network usually arrives while travelling and moving. But this time, it seems like a problem with iPhone 12 5G settings or software problem. Let’s find out!

How To Fix iPhone 12 No Service Problem

1.      Check 5G Settings

For the first time, Apple has added the most awaited 5G technology support to iPhone 12 series. So everything will be super fast on iPhone 12. But, the new 5G settings on iPhone 12 models are confusing for new users as there are multiple 5G modes and option. So make sure that you know how to manage 5G settings on iPhone 12.

2.      Turn ON/OFF Airplane Mode

If your iPhone 12’s 5G cellular setting is proper and the network signals is still dropping then try to turn on the Airplane mode once and then turn it off again. It will refresh your carrier’s network and connect your iPhone 12 to the stable network. Swipe down from the top corner to launch the Control centre and enable/disable Airplane mode.

3.      Check Your SIM

As we know that iPhone 12 has the 5G compatibility, and if you use the older SIM on your newer iPhone 12 it will not work properly. We advise you to contact with your carrier and upgrade your SIM to 5G for iPhone 12.

4.      Check On Secondary Device

If your new iPhone 12’s signal is dropping or fluctuating continuously then maybe there is some problem with that carrier in your area. So, before contacting the carrier or Apple support, try to check the network on other device and make sure it’s stable on a secondary device.

5.      Turn ON LTE 

Maybe the iPhone 12 no service problem is arising because of the 5G issue with the current carrier and iPhone 12. Therefore, try to change 5G to LTE. Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Option> Voice & Data and choose LTE instead of 5G Auto.

6.      Check For Latest Software Update

iPhone 12 landed with the upgraded iOS 14.1 update while iOS 14.2 is available in beta form. Many iPhone 12 users complained about the network issue in their 5G devices. So Apple may release a new upgrade to fix the problem in iPhone 12. Therefore, we suggest you to keep your eyes on the software update. If the new update is available then install it to get everything solved.

7.      Check Carrier And Region 

5G is limited to carriers and regions for iPhone 12 devices. So before you take more strict action, check out the list of available 5G carrier and countries for iPhone 12 models around the world.


Which carrier are you using? Are you getting problem in older iPhones as well? Do you have any other problem on iPhone 12? Please tell us in the comment section.

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