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iPhone 12’s 5G Not Working? How To Fix It!

iPhone 12’s 5G Not Working

It hurts a lot when you spend a hefty amount on a product, and it starts giving you trouble. Yes, we are talking about Apple’s latest iPhone 12 series which has the super-fast 5G mode. Unfortunately, many users have 5G connectivity issues on their iPhone 12 models after using the device for a couple of days.  

Even after turning the 5G data mode, some users cannot access 5G on iPhone 12. Don’t worry if your iPhone 12’s 5G is not working. You are not alone. Many users already left their notes on the social pages about the 5G not working on iPhone 12 issues. There are few basic things you should keep in mind to work 5G properly on your beloved iPhone 12. Let’s check them out!

How To Fix 5G Not Working Problem on iPhone 12 Series 

1. Confirm Your 5G Plan With Carrier

We know that 5G just got real with iPhone 12. Unluckily, every carrier is not offering 5G plans right now. There are limited 5G carriers and 5G areas where you can access 5G on your newer iPhone 12. If you don’t have any ideas, you should look at the available 5G carriers and regions for iPhone 12. Many carriers have some tricky and confusing 5G plans. Please contact your carrier.

2. Check 5G Settings

Enable Disable 5G Mode On iPhone 12

Apple’s 5G settings on iPhone 12 are complicated. There are a couple of different settings for 5G, which include Voice Data and Data Mode depend on your use of cellular 5G internet. We suggest you check out all 5G settings on your iPhone 12 if the 5G is not working correctly.

3. Make Sure You have 5G SIM Card

If you have ordered iPhone from the carrier or Apple, you will get the 5G activated SIM on your new iPhone. But if you have purchased the new SIM-free iPhone 12 on your own and want to add your older SIM, you need to contact the carrier and upgrade your LTE SIM to 5G.

4. Turn ON/OFF Airplane Mode

If 5G is not working on your iPhone 12, go to the Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options. If you don’t see the screen like below, try to turn on and off the Airplane mode for once.

After turning Airplane mode on and off, if you still see the same problem, contact your carrier. Maybe they have not received the latest 5G updates from Apple.

5. Turn Off Data Roaming 

Sorry to say, but 5G will not work when the Data Roaming option is on. So make sure turn it off if you want to use 5G mode. Apple will soon fix this on upcoming iOS 14 upgrades once every carrier start offering 5G service.

6. Sorry Dual SIM Users

If you live outside China and use iPhone 12 with Dual SIM, you won’t be able to use 5G on your iPhone 12 even if you have a 5G carrier plan. It will revert to the 4G LTE. Only users in China will be able to access 5G on Dual SIM.

Wrapping up

Even after trying all these methods, if you are still troubling with the 5G connectivity issue on iPhone 12, we suggest you wait for some more time. We heard from a few carriers that Apple is pulling software updates to support the 5G network.

I hope this article helped to fix the 5G problem on your newly bought iPhone 12. Need more help regarding the use of the iPhone 12? Don’t bother to drop a comment below!

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