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iPad & Mac’s Universal Control Not Working On iPadOS 15.4 & Monterey 12.3

At the WWDC in June 2021, Apple showcased the brand new “Universal Control” feature to let users use the same cursor and keyword on any nearby Mac or iPad (multiple devices) that signed into your iCloud account. It means if you have a magic keyword, you can manage both your iPad and Mac with the help of Universal Control.

Apple promised to bring this feature in the fall, but they could not make it live and delayed. Even people forgot about the feature since they took a long time. But the newest iPadOS 15.4 beta and Monterey 12.3 beta landed with the Universal Control feature.

Since the news started buzzing about the new Universal Control feature on Mac and iPad, many users keenly download iPadOS 15.4 beta and Monterey 12.3 beta on their Apple devices. Sadly, many users ended up with the Universal Control not working on iPad and Mac issues.

Once the user installs iPadOS 15.4 beta and Monterey 12.3 beta, the Universal Control is enabled by default on both devices signed with the iCloud account. However, some users complain that ‘iPad Universal Control is not working and “Mac Universal Control is not working.”

How To Fix Universal Control Not Working iPad or Mac

Method 1: Restart Your Devices

After dozens of users complained about Universal Control not working issue on Mac and iPad, we looked for the solution. And the only method that worked on Mac and iPad that restarting Mac and iPad, and restarting iPad and Mac will fix the Universal Controlling issue.

Method 2: Enable Universal Control

After restarting iPad and Mac after installing iPadOS 15.4 & Monterey 12.3, you can turn on Universal Control under the Settings > Display > Advanced on Mac, and in the AirPlay & Handoff section under General has a new “Cursor and Keyboard (Beta)” option in iPad.

Method 3: Check iCloud Login

Another thing users must take care of is that both devices (iPad and Mac) should be logged in with the same iCloud account. If the iCloud account is signed in with a different account, Universal Control will not work on iPad and Mac. So make sure that the same iCloud account signs in on both Apple devices.

Wrapping Up

It’s been only a day since this most awaited feature rolled out for developers, and it will still take time to make it to the final version. If you are a developer and have tested this new Universal Control on your Apple product, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment box.

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