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iOS Weather App Not Working

ios weather app not working

The weather app on iOS is used on a daily basis to check the weather. It can be of great help especially when you want to go out for a picnic and check what’s the weather like outside if it is raining if it is going to snow, or are we have a sunny day. But when the application stops working or it doesn’t work as per usual, it could be a bummer. Recently after the update, many users have reported that their weather app is not working. Though there are no bugs found that could cause the weather app to not work properly, many users still faced some issues.

IOS weather app not working: issues

There were some common problems that came to light for the weather application:

  • Weather app not working after the iOS 16 update.
  • Temperatures and weather reports are not getting updated.
  • Cannot use Siri to report the weather today.
  • Weather app is not showing the location.
  • Weather app widget is not working.

IOS weather app not working: possible reasons

  • Connectivity issues: check your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, if the weather app is not connected to a basic speed internet, then this might be a possible reason for the app not working. Connecting to good data or Wi-Fi is a must to get information on regular updates.
  • If the weather app is not able to detect your location, then it might not be able to show accurate data or no data at all.
  • Weather app might be facing some bug issue, due to a software update or it might be crashing.
  • Weather app is not up to date, you need to get the weather app updated from the app store.

IOS weather app not working: fixes

  • Update your application.

If the weather app is not updated then it might be the possible reason for not working properly. It is highly recommended to keep your application and device updated.

  • Reinstall the weather app.

Sometimes uninstalling the application and then downloading it again can solve most of the issues. This works when there is something wrong with the application

  • Enable background app refresh.

Background app refresh allows the program to refresh in the background and to use Wi-Fi or cellular network to acquire and update data. Turning the background refresh for the weather will be of great help for this issue. To enable it, go to the Settings app > General > Background App Refresh > Enable.

  • Enable / Reset location and privacy.

If location is not enabled, then the weather app will not be able to give accurate information and it may also fail to work properly. To enable the location and privacy option, you may go to the settings app > Privacy and security > Location services > Enable.

You can also reset location and privacy by going to the settings app > general > reset > reset location and privacy.

  • Restart your iPhone

Leave this as the last resort, but sometimes when no other fixes work, restarting the iPhone becomes our only rescue. Restarting your device can solve many problems, including the weather app not working issue.

That’s it, folks! Try the above fixes and I am sure that your weather app will start working properly. Let us know if the above fixes solved your problem or not through the comment section down below.Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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