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IOS 17 Release Date in India

IOS 17 Release Date in India

IOS 17 is far away from being released, almost 6 months of its official announcement and its first beta release. And maybe around 9 months from its official release to the public. It is too soon to talk about its release date, but here we are. Rumors have already started about iOS 17 its release date and possible features. Let us dive into those rumors, and for those who are looking for a release date of iOS 17 in India, this article might be of great use to you. In today’s topic, I am going to share rumors of iOS 17 and its possible release date in India.

IOS 17 release date

When it comes to the release date of course taking a look at the past few years it is not that hard to predict the release date of iOS 17. The first beta version of the previous iOS release was around June 6th, so we can expect that this year iOS 17 public beta should be released between 5th June and 12th June. The WWDC event happens on Monday, and June 5th falls on Monday, so there is a high possibility of iOS 17 being announced around that time. And the official public release usually happens in the third week of September. So,this year we can expect Apple to conduct the event of the launch of the new iPhone series alongside the official release of iOS 17 to the public in the middle of September. Looking at the pattern of the previous releases we can say that the iOS 17 official release to the public should be in between 11th September and 19th September.

IOS 17 release date in India:

Unless Apple plans on breaking its pattern of releases that have been going on for years, we can assume looking at the previous releases that the iOS 17 official public should release on September 19th, 2023 in India. And the announcement of iOS 17 and the release of its first beta version is expected to be released in India in June 2023.

The dates remain the same of the iOS 17 update, it might differ based on the time zone you live in.

Expected features of iOS 17:

According to the rumors, Apple is planning or rather working on a whole new version of the message’s app for iOS 17. This new version is said that it will contain a new home, chat rooms, video clips, and also new chat features. It is also said that when it comes to the app we will be able to actually sideload apps with iOS 17. The other two big features are modifying the home screen and the ability to change the icon cards. And we cannot forget to mention about the redesign of the home screen with iOS 17.

To conclude:

You need to be aware of the fact that all the above given dates are according to the rumors and these are dates that are predicted by the sources. Currently, Apple has not given any news or updates regarding iOS 17, its features, and its release date. If Apple released any notes regarding iOS 17 then we will surely update it on our site. So, stay tuned!

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