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IOS 17 features and release date 2023

IOS 17 features

IOS 16 has already been released and created a huge buzz among its users. But now what’s next? After iOS 16 the next big update that can be expected is iOS 17. While iOS 16 gave its users the features that were needed, iOS 17 is expected to be more enhanced in terms of features. Let’s talk more about the next upcoming software update ie iOS 17, shall we?

iOS 17 release date:

Talking about the release date, it won’t be any different from iOS 16. Since iOS 16 was announced at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference, we can expect iOS 17 also to be announced at the WWDC. According to recent year statistics, Apple will release the next version iOS 17 in June 2023. Based on all the previous releases of the iOS updates we can assume that first, we will get the beta version of iOS 17 after the announcement in June 2023, and then later on the official version of iOS 17 will most probably launch in September 2023. Alongside iOS 17 we can expect the launch of the new iPhone 15 series.

IOS 17 features:

Recently Apple has set a goal to go back to the basics, instead of giving its users high raised features, Apple is planning to roll out basic needed features that were previously fulfilled by third party applications. So now instead of downloading any third party apps, Apple will most probably give all the inbuilt features that are most needed.

Call recording: users have downloaded third party applications and paid for many subscriptions to get this feature, but now Apple has planned on giving call recording as an inbuilt feature with the iOS 17 update so the users won’t need to turn to other sources for it.

Split screen: this feature has been around for quite some time now on Android devices. With iOS 17 users can expect to get this feature on their iPhones. With this feature, users will not be able to multi task and open 2 apps simultaneously on the screen.

iMessage redesign: according to some sources Apple might be planning on giving iMessages a newly redesigned look with the iOS 17 update. We can have a new home, chatrooms, video clips, and chat features in AR with this newly redesigned iMessage app.

Dual Apps: with this app cloning feature users will be able to use applications such as WhatsApp with several accounts without logging out of the one in use.

Improved notification: managing notifications will be much simpler with the iOS 17 update. It will be more manageable and less chaotic, especially on the lock screen.

New widgets: widgets concept was launched with iOS 16, and with the next iOS 17 updates Apple might come up with new styles and versions of widgets. Interactive widgets are on top of the list on Apple that we can surely expect.

That’s it, folks! According to you which features should Apple add in the iOS 17 software update, do let us know your wish list regarding iOS 17 features in the comment box down below.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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