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iOS 16 Takes Lockscreen Customization to New Heights

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Apple’s WWDC event has kicked off, introducing a series of amazing features and new launches to upcoming devices and operating systems. 

Amidst all the new feature specifications, what has stood out in the detailing of the upcoming iOS 16 is the Lockscreen Customization features. 

The improved lockscreen appearance with details has been at the heart of the updates following the keynote speech at the event that was made by Apple CEO Tim Cook. The highlight of the list of personalization features is the ability to change the font and colors on the lockscreen. 

Users will also have complete autonomy to add widgets. Moreover, there will be a separate option for the users to create multiple lockscreens with an easily interchangeable function with a simple swipe. 

The existing store with the Apple-supplied wallpapers will get a refresh too. Some of the new unique additions to the list will include animated and Pride-themed wallpapers that the users can customize their iPhone lockscreens with. 

Coming to the notification toggle and appearance, the incoming notifications will feature a different layout. No longer will you have to clear through the piling notifications in the middle of the lockscreen. Instead, the notifications will “roll in” at the bottom of the lockscreen. 

Talking about notifications, another worthy feature is the “live updates”. This will include real-time updates of the live score, ongoing events, or even an Uber ride that a user is currently taking. All of this will be visible on a single tile. 

That’s all for the updates regarding the upcoming iOS 16 and its new personalization features for the lockscreen. These new updates will likely come with the launch of the newer hardware from Apple, which is their iPhone 14 – likely in September 2022.

Follow this space for real-time and further new updates about the iOS 16 features and the lockscreen customization functions. 

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