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iOS 16 Released With All New Dictation Mode


Dictation also gets some major updates this time. IOS 16 is now going to have some new dictation features and also improvement in voice recognition. The advantage of this update is that now keyboard will stay active while we are dictating.

This will help users to dictate or type in at the same time without any chaos. iPhone will also now clearly understand your speech and it will directly transfer into text, and while converting your speech into text it will also add punctuations. This will also work with Siri as well. You can even get to select text using touch and replace with voice command as well.

There is emoji detection in voice detection, which is fun.

While dictating on device, you can move fluidly between voice and touch. Type with the keyboard, tap in the text field, move the cursor, and insert QuickType suggestions, all without needing to stop Dictation.

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